October 22, 2014

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  • About Last Night: The ladies started the show off discussing what they did yesterday after the show. Rosie O went to a luncheon at the Harvard Club in NYC for the Veteran Feminists of America, where she accepted the Inspiration Award. She sat with the fabulous Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinem, and Marlo Thomas! Rosie O spoke about how important being a feminist is to her and about the importance of the feminists who fought so that women could be treated equally. She said she is proud to be a feminist and thinks every woman should be a feminist because it’s just about being equal. Rosie P did nothing last night. She was supposed to see her nephew Josh, but he sent her an adorable little video explaining how he had diarrhea and couldn’t meet her! She said they have a standing date for ice-cream every week (even though she’s allergic to dairy, she cheats on her diet for him). Nicolle had a date night with her son which consisted of a little playground time and dinner. She said she went to bed early because she had double-duty today. She was on Morning Joe this morning before she came to The View set. Whoopi had no recollection of what she did last night! Lol She just remembered the really bad weather and the lightning from a storm that passed through. Nicolle quickly added that she finally caught up on The Voice and saw the Halo battle round. She predicted one of those two women were going to win the show.
  • Zellweger-Gate: People are losing their minds over Renee Zellweger looking different due to rumored plastic surgery. People are saying Renee no longer looks like herself. Nicolle read Renee’s response back to her critics which basically states she’s feeling “healthy,” “peaceful” and that people don’t know her now that she’s in her 40s. Rosie P said whether or not Renee got plastic surgery is not anyone’s business, it’s hers. She referred to plastic surgery as “the new mascara.” And she said it’s no different than doing anything else to enhance your looks, which we all do. She said it’s Renee’s right and people are way too mean and cruel to be criticizing her for it. Rosie O agreed that people shouldn’t be mean to her about it, but she asked, if someone drastically changes their appearance are people supposed to pretend like we don’t notice? She doesn’t believe in being mean and judgmental about it, but she thinks it’s okay to talk about it or it becomes like the “elephant in the room.” Whoopi said very few stars look like how they did when they first arrived. She said it’s part of the society we live in. In fact, a Saudi cleric recently spoke out against social media and Twitter calling it the root of all evil and devastation. Nicolle said the reality is, there is unending pressure on women to look young. She tried Botox once and thought it made her look like Inspector Clouseau.”  She said it made her look ridiculous, and she will never do it again. But at the same time, she agreed with Rosie O that we can’t pretend we don’t notice when someone changes drastically. Rosie O said that when she lost 50 pounds due to gastric sleeve surgery, people asked about it because it was really noticeable. Rosie P believes there’s a double-standard and that men do not receive the same criticism. Whoopi said maybe the Saudi cleric has a point and social media allows people to say things anonymously that they wouldn’t say in normal interaction with others. Nicolle agreed and called it a “mob mentality.” She said on the street you would stop that sort of bullying, but on Twitter everyone just piles on. But in the end, Nicolle said our desire for plastic surgery is because of the unending pressure women have to have “a body that looks like a 12 year old and a face that looks like an 8 year old.”
  • Chris Christie Doesn’t Want To Hear About Minimum Wage: Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, never one to shy away from issues, is tired of hearing about minimum wage. They played a video of Christie saying “I gotta tell you the truth: I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am. I don’t think there’s a mother or father sitting around a kitchen table in America tonight who are saying, ‘You know, honey, if our son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my God, all of our dreams would be realized.’” Rosie P said people who are making minimum wage are sick and tired of making it! And she said they are probably worried they are only making that amount too. Whoopi agreed. She said many are trying to support a family on minimum wage. She said “sorry you don’t want to hear about it” Chris Christie, but you’re the governor of New Jersey and you shouldn’t be sick of hearing about the problems of the people of that state! Rosie O said it takes a day and half for people making minimum wage just to make enough money to buy the gas in order to get to work, the minimum wage hasn’t been raised since 2009, and it’s about time to raise it. Nicolle pointed out that two-thirds of the people making minimum wage are women. She didn’t think the governor’s comments were smart for his presidential run because a president has to have “an infinite capacity to listen.” However, she knew what the governor was trying to say was that the minimum wage issue needs to be broader and addressed in conjunction with other issues like the lack of opportunities and issues of equality. She said raising the minimum wage alone “will not lift a family out of poverty.” The other ladies said if that’s what Christie was trying to say, then he should have said that. Nicolle also said if he’s going to run for president, he has to stop saying things like this. People are tired of politicians catering to people who are only doing well and if you want to run for president you have to run for everybody.
  • Goodbye to The Bridge: Rosie O was sad to report her favorite television show The Bridge was not renewed by FX for Season 3.  She called it “one of the best shows she’s ever seen in her life.”  She encouraged viewers to watch it on Netflix and pray Netflix picks it up.  Whoopi fell in love with the show too because Rosie told her about it!  And the ladies went to commercial break crying (jokingly) about the cancellation. 
  • Must have Monday: Nicolle reminded the audience about The View’s “Must Have Mondays,” where they will be featuring fantastic gifts you’ll love to give at up to 80% off the retail price! Keep a lookout for that segment this coming Monday!
  • Viral Video: Obama still knows how to handle himself in an awkward moment at the polls yesterday.  At early voting yesterday a man walked by and said to him “Keep your hands off my girlfriend,” and the President retorted, “I wasn’t planning on it.” The ladies had a good laugh at the funny moment.  Nicolle said, “It’s precious and rare” to see a president “in a truly unscripted moment with a normal person.”  She said, “He was being himself” and she loved it.
  • Malala to Obama: Malala Yousafzai has asked Obama to Stop Arming the World. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai asked President Obama to send teachers to help terrorism instead of weapons at the Forbes under 30 Summit yesterday.   She said instead of sending guns, send books and instead of sending weapons, send teachers. Rosie P thought that was a wonderful thought but said there are crazy people in the world and sometimes “you gotta do what you gotta do.”  She also said that response wouldn’t have stopped Hitler.  Rosie P said she was “nerdy and nice” in school but after 4 girls jumped her, her “Brooklyn came out.” Nicolle reminded the audience that Obama also won the Nobel Peace Prize and is now involved in a war against violent terrorists. She believes we live in a world where you have to do both.   She also said she’s very comfortable with trying to annihilate the people who shot Malala in the head.  And Rosie O said, “Well, I’m not [okay with it] and I think we should follow her lead.” Rosie O believes only the light can end the darkness.  Whoopi thinks there’s nothing you can do when people hate and she is tired of it.  She understood Rosie P‘s point of view.  She said, “You come at me the wrong way and I’m gonna knock you out.”
  • Saying Goodbye: The world of journalism lost a giant yesterday.  The legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee (1921-2014) passed away yesterday at 93 years old. The ladies discussed their mutual respect for him and the impact he made on the world of journalism. They also expressed their condolences to his friends and family.



Ty Burrell: Actor Ty Burrell joined the ladies of The View to discuss his role as Phil Dunphy on the hit television show Modern Family. He discussed what it was like to receive his second Emmy and how he almost quit acting right before he landed his role on the show! Ty said he feels “crazy lucky” to be a part of the Modern Family cast. They talked about the upcoming Halloween episode and how his character Phil battles with his wife over not wanting Halloween to be so scary. He said the cast truly does all get along and they were all (pretty much) struggling actors before they landed the hit series. He said they’re all “constantly waiting to wake up from the dream.” They touched on Ty’s new roles in the movies The Skeleton Twins and the future film Finding Dory, which will be released in June of 2016. Modern Family airs tonight at 9pm on ABC! Don’t miss it!

Ty Burrell & the ladies of The View

Ty Burrell & the ladies of The View

Discreet Discussions Presented by Always: Rosie O and Marilu Henner sat down to continue their “discreet discussion” on things women talk about only with their girlfriends.  They discussed a multitude of topics including raising children, favorite movies, getting mammograms, and fighting the obesity epidemic in America.   Both Marilu and Rosie O think the instant gratification of today’s technology is ruining our ability to stay present in the moment. They talked about how people used to sit and talk in waiting rooms and how now everyone is plugged into their own devices. Rosie O discussed her heart attack, the 100% blockage of her LAD, and her struggles to lose weight. Marilu said our struggles to lose weight are because bad food has its own agenda. She said, “We are stuffing our faces but starving our bodies.” The conversation was brought to you by Always Discreet for sensitive bladders, which is perfect for your “discreet moments.”

The Wonder Years Now Available On DVD: Fred Savage and Danica McKellar, the stars of The Wonder Yearsjoined the ladies of The View.  Fred is currently directing and Danica is an author of the best selling books Math Doesn’t Suck.  They discussed their roles on the beloved television show of the 80s and 90s and announced it’s now available on DVD!

Audience Gift:  The entire audience went home with a copy of The Wonder Years on DVD!



Rosie P: [regarding the trend of plastic surgery] “It is the new mascara.”

Whoopi: “I’m sorry Chris, you’re the governor of New Jersey. You should not be sick of hearing about anything that has to do with your constituents.”

“There’s an unending pressure on women to look forever young.”

Rosie O: [on Malala] “We should follow her lead because she’s the one who took the bullet to her head.”

Marilu Henner: “We are stuffing our faces but starving our bodies.”

Ty Burrell: [on landing the role on Modern Family] “You’re constantly waiting to wake up from the dream.”

Sarah Hyland: [on her visit to The View yesterday in a message for Ty] “Yesterday went so great. Don’t suck and ruin it for everyone.”