October 17, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • American Horror Story Freak Show: Whoopi loves AHS but said the clowning community is not so excited about the way clowns are portrayed. Rosie O agreed and called the clown on the show the “John Wayne Gacy Killer Clown.”  Whoopi called him the apex of horror clowns. Nicolle was terrified of mimes as a kid.  Rosie O joked with her and said, “this is great, whenever you say anything Republican I don’t like I’m just going to do this!” as she pretended to mime in the air. Nicolle said she could turn her into a Democrat if she keeps it up!  And then Rosie P told Nicolle she was weird.
  • The Knick on Cinemax is Rosie P’s new favorite show. It’s a show about a 19th century hospital in New York. Rosie O’s favorite  is The Bridge on FX. She thinks it is the greatest show on television and she said the star, Franka Potente, should be nominated for an Emmy or the “Nobel Peace Prize of acting.” Nicolle’s favorite is Homeland. Rosie P asked viewers to live-tweet her updates on a big boxing match on HBO this weekend because she will be in Maine filming again. Nicolle doesn’t really get boxing, but Rosie O knows all about it because of her love for UFC and promised to tweet her during the bout.
  • John Grisham’s Shocking Remarks: Best-selling author John Grisham has raised a lot of eyebrows for recent remarks he’s made regarding child porn. He has since apologized. Rosie O wanted to know if John felt like pedophiles needed a champion and he had to speak on their behalf. She said she was horrified when she read his comments. She accepted his apology but didn’t believe a single “bleeping” thing he said. She flatly stated that men don’t “accidentally stumble” across child pornography and she added, if she were the police she would take a look at his hard-drive today.
  • The Respect Awards are in LA benefit tonight, sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education network whose goal is to wipe out bullying in all forms. If you are interested in seeing their auction items, go to CharityBuzz.com. Whoopi will be at the benefit and said it is a great cause.
  • Inspirational Kids, two students with Down’s syndrome, Semone Adkins and Travjuan “Bubba” Hunterwere, were named homecoming king and queen at their Florida High school.  The ladies LOVED this news.
  • Endorsed By His Wife: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s wife wants him to run for president in 2016. Though in the past she’s been against it, Columba Bush is now “supportive” of the potential run.  Nicolle said this is a good development for the folks who want to see him run because his wife was seen as an obstacle. She sees him as a “great voice in our party,” because he believes in comprehensive immigration; he is measured, and has mainstream views on education. She sees him as an exciting candidate and an intellectual force in the Republican party. Rosie O pointed out that he didn’t want to put his teenagers through a run, but now that they are older, he might be willing. Nicolle agreed and said, the Bushes more than any other family other than the Clinton’s understand how brutal running for president is. Rosie O and Whoopi agreed that neither of them would want to be President, especially after watching what it has done to Obama. Nicolle said “they age by the minute,” but first ladies get better looking! “They endure,” said Nicolle. 
  • Viral Photo: The image of the grandmother who requested to visit the beach on her way to hospice brought both Rosies to tears. Rosie O particularly admired that a. it was anonymous and b. no one airbrushed away her colostomy bag. Rosie O said “You don’t need to airbrush away the truth for us anymore. We can handle the reality.”  Rosie P said her final request would be to be brought to the French Culinary Institute in Paris to eat as many desserts as possible. Nicolle said she would want to be with people she loves, especially her baby. Rosie O would want to be with her wife and children floating in the ocean in Miami. Whoopi would probably be in Greece because it represents the beginning of everything.



Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick: Actors Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick joined the ladies of The View for a fun discussion on their Broadway revival of “It’s Only a Play.” They discussed how they met (Was it the Peace Corps or hot wing night at Hooters?), what it was like recording the voices for The Lion King, and how it’s been working together again.  Nathan reminisced about what it was like working on The Birdcage with the late Robin Williams. Nathan said about his friend, “No one was kinder and more generous. He was a sensitive beautiful person and we should be glad we had him.”  Matthew and Whoopi briefly discussed their time together filming Jumping Jack Flash.  During their discussion about It’s Only a Play they discussed the fantastic cast and how Terrence McNally has revamped it for today. The Rosie’s are mentioned in the show!  Nathan described it as a behind-the-scenes look at a play on opening night as they await the reviews.  Rosie P. said the show is “laugh out loud” funny.  And Rosie O recommended everyone come see it.  She said there’s nothing like the feeling of “that waxy playbill and that velvety seat. You should come to New York and experience Broadway if you haven’t already.”

Medical Marijuana: Paige Figi and Joel Stanley joined the panel to discuss Charlotte’s Web, a form of medical marijuana that helps children with violent seizures. Paige said at her worst, her daughter had two seizures an hour that were sometimes so severe her heart would stop.  She said doctors were ready to give up on her daughter.  She was 5 years old, with a do not resuscitate order.  She was wheelchair-bound, on a feeding tube, with oxygen, in hospice care and seizing every 30 minutes.  When they tried the medical marijuana oil they had nothing left to try pharmaceutically.   The oil from marijuana was the only drug that could provide her daughter, and the many other children who suffer in this way, some relief.  Joel Stanley grows the plant and sells the extract in Colorado where medical marijuana is legal.  He said the oil provides no “high” because it is low in THC and non-psychoactive.  He said the hemp extract is made in a lab given and given in measured doses.  And he wanted to make it clear that this treatment is not about children smoking marijuana however, this treatment is not legal everywhere in the U.S. and they want to change that.

Rite Aid Makeovers for Breast Cancer Survivors:   Want to find clips of the show? Here’s a link to watch clips online!



Rosie O:  “You don’t need to airbrush away the truth for us anymore. We can handle the reality.”

Rosie P:  [regarding It’s Only a Play]  It was “Laugh out loud funny.”

Whoopi:  [about medical marijuana] This is not about being high.  This is about saving lives.”

Nicolle: “It is hard to see someone you love get beaten up by the media.”

Nathan Lane: [about Robin Williams] “No one was kinder and more generous. He was a sensitive beautiful person and we should be glad we had [time with] him.”