October 16, 2014

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  • About Last Night: Rosie P went out last night and saw It’s Only a Play starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.  She loved it! She said it was very funny and added that Matthew and Nathan will be on The View on Friday (10/17)! One of the highlights of her evening was the great feedback she’s been getting about The View!  She heard a lot of compliments on her wardrobe and how she’s even influencing Nicolle’s style! Her friends told her Nicolle is “looking very sexy these days!” Rosie O and her wife Michelle went out last night on a “much needed” date.  They saw Carol Burnett and Brian Dennehy in Love Letters. Click here to see pics!  And on November 2nd, Rosie O will interview Carol Burnett at 92Y. When the event organizers asked her if she wanted notes about Carol, Rosie’s response was, “No. I know everything about her.” Rosie O is a huge fan of the comedy legend. Can’t make it to the event?  You can watch it LIVE here!  And last night Whoopi went to see Sherri Shepherd in Cinderella. Sherri didn’t know Whoopi was coming and Sherri burst into tears when she saw her. Sherri sent her love to everyone back at The View.   Whoopi had a great time at the play and told everyone watching to take their kids to see it if they can. Rosie O agreed.  She saw Cinderella when her pal Fran Drescher was starring in it and  said her kids loved the show too.
  • Putting Ebola In Perspective: Because of the recent Ebola cases in the U.S., President Obama has cancelled a fundraising trip. The panel discussed the recent case of the healthcare worker who was cleared to fly by the CDC despite telling them she had recently worked around an Ebola patient and had a mild fever. Rosie O thought maybe the massive budget cuts the CDC last year might have something to do with the errors. She reported that in 2013 the CDC cut 45,000 jobs.  Nicolle pointed out that the CDC didn’t deny what they told the nurse.  The CDC stood by their advice which was that it was okay for her to fly because her fever didn’t fit the protocol because it was only 100.4 degrees. Rosie O hopes that people will not let the hysteria begin to rule their lives. She said one person died from Ebola in the U.S. One person. Rosie P still thinks the hysteria is partly due to the fact that we have a lack of leadership at the top because the Senate and the Congress didn’t confirm the Surgeon General Obama appointed. The entire panel loved Fox News’ Shepard Smith’s comments about Ebola. Basically he advised the audience to not buy into the hysteria.  Rosie O exclaimed, “God bless him!”  Whoopi said the fact that our leaders don’t know the proper protocol is what’s most concerning to her. Nicolle feared politics will come into play now with politicians battling over whether or not we start denying incoming flights from the countries most affected by the virus. Rosie O said sometimes we have to choose facts over fear. She said in the last week 703 Americans died because of guns and 602 Americans died from unintentional falls.  She said ONE American died from Ebola.  Whoopi hopes moving forward when people are given a directive on what to do and not do after being with Ebola patients hopes they decide to follow it.
  • Goodbye To A Friend: Cuban-American actress Elizabeth Pena has died at 55. The actress has starred in many movies and television shows including Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Jacob’s Ladder and most recently, playing Sophia Vergara’s mother on the hit show Modern Family. Rosie P loved the actress very much and they showed a picture of the two of them together.  All of the ladies on the panel expressed their condolences to the family of Ms. Pena.
  • #SpiritDay: The ladies of The View were all wearing purple in honor of Glaad’s Spirit Day.  Whoopi invited viewers to do the same and share their images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #SpiritDay and/or #ChooseKindness. And if you’d like to learn more about #SpiritDay she invited viewers to visit Disney’s Be Inspired website which is a movement to prevent bullying. Rosie O mentioned how Laverne Cox will be lighting the Empire State Building purple for the first time ever in honor of the day!
  • Fangate: At a Gubernatorial debate last night, Governor Charlie Crist asked for a fan to be placed at the bottom of his podium and for 7 minutes Governor Rick Scott refused to join the debate!  Nicolle, who has been to a few political debates in her lifetime, said every aspect of every debate is carefully negotiated by each party. From the temperature of the room, to what the candidates will wear, the campaign parties negotiate each aspect ahead of time. Nicolle thought Rick’s move to delay the debate made him look bad and said he should’ve gone right out when the debate started. Rosie O said Scott’s move made him look like an “asshole!” Rosie P thought Rick missed a great opportunity for a funny moment.  And Whoopi called him “just another politician with his head in his butt.”
  • Postponing Motherhood: Apple and Facebook have offered to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs if they would like to hold off on motherhood in order to concentrate on their careers. Critics of this move are saying these companies are coming out with this offering in order to keep their female employees from having children. Nicolle did not agree. She thinks it’s great and an added benefit. She thinks it gives the women reproductive freedom. Rosie P referred to the move as “modern day family planning.” She said she waited to have a baby until the time was right in her career and now it’s too late for her and that saddens her. She told a story of a friend of hers that one night called her hysterically crying at 3:00am because she had just come to the realization that it was too late to have a baby. Rosie O said her wife Michelle also has regrets about waiting until it was too late to have a baby.  Whoopi said she has exactly two eggs left and she is more than happy to give them to Rosie P if she would like them. Awwwwwww.
  • NPH Hosting the Oscars: The ladies discussed the latest news that Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Oscars! All the ladies on the panel were very excited for NPH. They then recalled all the times Whoopi hosted the Oscars. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know Whoopi was the host of the Oscars the year Rosie P was nominated? True story!
  • HBO Streaming Service: The ladies of The View discussed the recent news that HBO is going to start offering a streaming service without having to have a monthly HBO subscription through your cable company. Rosie P called the move a “game changer,” especially for sports. She wondered how this move was going to affect things like pay-per-view sporting events. Rosie O was extremely happy about the move because it says it will allow more people to enjoy the fantastic documentaries HBO has available. She mentioned her friend Sheila Nevins, who is the President of HBO Documentary Films, whom she called a “genius and a god.”   Rosie thinks allowing more people to view these documentaries will be a “gift to humanity and the world.” Nicolle sees HBO making a smart move for the future. Whoopi is excited that more people will be able to have access to great television without having to pay the crazy fees. All the ladies agreed, it was a brilliant business move.
  • Family Feud: In a not so smart move, a woman made a hilarious guess on a recent episode of Family Feud. When the woman was asked, “When we asked 100 American women if you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?” She answered, “His penis!” Only “penis” wasn’t one of the answers! Rosie O said “Apparently she was the only one surveyed who thought her husband had a bad weiner.”


Alan Cumming: Alan Cumming joined Rosie P and Rosie O for a discussion about his role on The Good Wife, his role in the Broadway show Cabaret and a touching discussion about his new book Not My Father’s Son: A Memoir.   Alan said his memoir was partially inspired by his appearance on the show Who Do You Think You Are.   Two nights before he started filming the show, his father, who he hadn’t seen in 16 years because he was very abusive, told his brother to tell him he wasn’t his son.  He said the book chronicles that summer as well as the other revelations he made about his life growing up with an abusive parent.  “The Rosie’s” thanked Alan for his honesty in the book and promised to come see  him again soon in Cabaret on Broadway.   The Good Wife airs on CBS on Sundays at 9/8c.


The Rosie’s and Alan Cumming

Tessa Thompson: Tessa Thompson joined Nicolle and Whoopi to discuss her new movie Dear White People about racial hypocrisy in college.   They discussed how the film was developed from a Twitter feed and how they used fundraising via the Internet in order to get the movie made.  Tessa also played Whoopi’s daughter in the movie For Colored GirlsDear White People premieres in theaters tomorrow.  Watch the trailer here.


Rosie & Tessa Thompson


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience received a copy of Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming.



Rosie O: “Choose facts over fear.”

Rosie P: “I waited and waited and waited to have a child until it was too late.  It saddens me.”

Whoopi: “Another politician with his head up his butt.”

Nicolle: “We live in a borderless world when it comes to disease.”

Alan Cumming: [about his abusive father] “The great thing about the book for me is realizing that he is not to be understood. He was not for me to understand, I just happened to be unfortunate enough to be a part of it.”

Tessa Thompson: [about racism and her new movie Dear White People] “We’re in a time when we really need to discuss these things and have these cross-cultural conversations.”


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