October 15, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • Ebola Strikes Again on US Soil: A second healthcare worker from the Dallas hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan has tested positive for Ebola. The nurses are now saying there were not proper safety protocols in place at the hospital when they were treating Duncan. The World Health Organization has warned if the disease is not contained in the next two months, we could see 10,000 Ebola cases a week.   Whoopi wondered if it’s of value to provide the public with such “harsh and crazy” statistics. Rosie P thinks the statistics are important and wished we had a U.S. Surgeon General to guide us during this time. But she said “people are playing politics” and we didn’t confirm the Surgeon General nominee that President Obama appointed last November.   She thinks it’s a scary time and we need a leader.  Whoopi again recommended ABC News’ Chief Health Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser (to be our Surgeon General), whom she always refers to as Dick. I think she just likes saying Dick on T.V. sometimes. 🙂 Nicolle commented how the panel was “pretty hard” on Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s actions on yesterday’s show but said since we now have a second healthcare worker infected, it further proves how no one is safe. She said everyone has to be careful. She especially appreciated the Mayor of Dallas’ response to the second diagnosed patient.  Nicolle said he did just the right thing by spreading calm and information.  Rosie O complimented the nurses who are on the front lines battling this epidemic. She said “the nurses are the heroes.” Whoopi said more people are dying from the flu and Enterovirus than Ebola and people should be more afraid of catching those diseases. She ended the discussion by saying, “We’re all in this together and have to look out for each other.”
  • Uber Fail: Instead of calling a taxi, a woman from LA called a driver using the app Uber and said her driver took her on a 2 hour ride from hell to an abandoned parking lot. When she called Uber to complain she received an automated reply and a refund. Rosie P once used Uber for a ride and said the guy who drove up was wearing jeans and a messy t-shirt while driving a Honda Civic.  She didn’t feel safe enough to get in the car. Rosie O’s wife Michelle told Rosie she’s never allowed to use Uber and deleted the app from Rosie’s phone the first time she mentioned it to her. Whoopi wants to know that when a company hires drivers it knows the people working for them.  Nicolle said if Uber loses their reputation in NYC, and people start trusting taxi drivers more, Uber is out of business. Rosie P said what made her call Uber in the first place was because cab drivers wouldn’t stop for her.  She said if cab drivers start stopping for people of color, she will start using taxis again.
  • Rosie P’s Apology: Rosie P apologized for the comments she said yesterday about divorce and the Catholic Church. She received a lot of responses regarding her comments and she wanted to clear up any misinformation. She read the Church’s position on divorce and attending mass.  The church says divorced Catholics may continue as full members of the church and receive communion if they do not remarry. If they do wish to remarry, they must receive a Catholic annulment of their first marriage so they can receive communion again. Rosie P asked for forgiveness and forgave those who criticized her too.
  • Pandering to Hispanics?: New York Governor Cuomo has plans to visit Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and his opponent is saying he’s pandering to the Hispanic community. Rosie P first asked who is he to speak for the Hispanic community and then called the Governor’s move “smart politics.” She thinks it’s a good move to get to know more about the people who represent a large percentage of your base. Nicolle pointed out that everyone panders for the Hispanic vote because the Hispanic vote is that important. She said her former boss George W. Bush received a large percentage of the Hispanic vote because he regularly talked to the Hispanic community. Nicolle said if a community feels “pandered” to don’t vote for the person. She wished the Republican candidate was reaching out to the Hispanic community too. Whoopi said “panders” is a crappy word. Nicolle agreed and said it’s a derogatory way of saying “reaching out.”
  • The 772nd Reason Whoopi Won’t Fly: A Dallas bound American Airlines flight had to turn back to San Francisco after the cabin walls started to crack while in the air!   Whoopi couldn’t believe the pilot didn’t immediately want to land the plane. Apparently, he hesitated. Rosie P said she would pay to be on a flight with Whoopi so she could witness her in-flight antics. Whoopi said her antics aren’t pretty! She gets so angry she has to cover her face so no one can see her and take a pill to go to sleep. Rosie O has witnessed it!
  • Only 70 Shopping Days Left Until Xmas: Rosie O thinks the shopping panic has already started! Every year she gets her family matching Christmas pajamas.  She looked online for them yesterday and all of her first choices were already gone! She said people better start shopping now before everything is gone. Whoopi told Rosie O she needs to start Christmas shopping in August. Rosie said she’s been a little busy with a new show and all those children. Nicolle told Whoopi that people like her mess it up for the rest of them by shopping so early and buying everything off the shelves!
  • Girls Are Athletes Too: A 12 year old girl is getting a lot of press for a letter she wrote to Dicks Sporting Goods criticizing their latest catalogue. In the letter she comments about the fact that there are no female athletes pictured in the publication. In fact, the only girl pictured is a girl sitting in the stands. The young girl, McKenna Peterson, has been playing basketball since the first grade and is a huge WNBA fan. Nic­­olle said Dicks Sporting Goods wrote the girl a letter back apologizing for the error and telling her that next year they will make sure women are represented in their catalogue. Nicolle pointed out that 40% of people playing sports today are female. And Rosie P added that only 4% of media coverage about sports covers female athletics. She listed a number of companies and organizations that have products and sections specifically geared towards females.  Rosie P told McKenna, “Good for you young lady and keep it going.”
  • Chels Gets Pierced: Rosie O told the group that she took her 17 year old daughter, Chelsea, to get a nose-ring as a reward for doing well in school. Rosie said her daughter really wanted one and since she is almost 18, she thought that was a better choice than a car or tattoo. The guy who did the piercing for Chelsea called Rosie “one cool mom.” Rosie O said some of her friends aren’t too sure about her decision to let her get the piercing. Nicolle thought it was a great thing. She said she took her somewhere safe and clean to get it done and the fact that Chelsea asked Rosie to take her says a lot about their relationship. Rosie O said the nose-ring might not be everyone’s choice but she believes it’s important to be yourself.  Whoopi recalled the times her mother used to yell at her for wearing short mini-skirts. She couldn’t be told not to wear mini-skirts and it wasn’t until she figured out that the short skirts just made her butt cold that she decided to stop wearing them. Rosie O said it was all worth it when on the way home Chelsea grabbed her mom’s hand and said, “Thanks, Mom.”
  • Little Girls for Hillary: Lastly, the panel discussed a photo that’s gone viral of a little girl who was really excited to meet Hillary Clinton while she was campaigning in Colorado this week. All the ladies loved her reaction to meeting the possible Presidential nominee and encouraged adults to talk to their kids about politics and the impact they can make in the world.



Gloria Estefan:  Gloria Estefan is bringing her rags to riches story to Broadway in a new musical entitled On Your Feet.  They discussed her husband Emilio (who Rosie O called “the nicest guy in the world”), her story of fleeing Cuba to come to the USA and the connections she’s had with several American Presidents. They discussed the time she met Ariana Grande, who she said is a wonderful artist and her search for the star of her musical that will play herself.  They discussed her daughter Emily, who is now at college, and the first time she sang for her.  And in honor of National Hispanic Heritage month Gloria brought flan, Rosie O’s least favorite dessert, for all the hosts to try!  Rosie O ate it begrudgingly and yelled out, “This is not a dessert!”  If you’re unfamiliar with the whole “flan” back-story, watch this clip of Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D List” when Kathy, Rosie and Gloria visit a restaurant in Miami and Gloria tries to force-feed Rosie flan!  You will laugh.  I promise.  


Rosie and Gloria Estefan backstage at The View!

Nicole Richie: Nicole Richie joined the panel to discuss her web series Candidly Nicole based off her Twitter feed.  She said the show is a humorous look at how she’s not always caught up on all the different aspects of life.   She also said the show’s about learning, laughing, exploring and having fun with herself while doing it.  They discussed Halloween costumes and her appearance in this week’s People magazine with her father Lionel.  They showed a clip of Nicole and her father Lionel performing the song Climbing on YouTube.  CandidlyNicole is a web series available now on AOL!

Discreet Discussions: Rosie O and Marilu Henner sat down with a few audience members to discuss the many things that women only talk about with their girlfriends including waxing, shaving, long-term relationships, marriage, and what it feels like when our kids leave the nest.

The Bridge: Rosie O then gave a quick plug for one of her favorite shows The Bridge on FX.  She asked viewers to check it out because they may love it like she does and hopefully it will get renewed!




Rosie O: “The nurses are on the front lines always. It’s the nurses that are the real heroes.”

Rosie P: [to Gloria Estefan]”You are the American dream.”

Nicolle: “Everybody panders to the Hispanic vote because it’s so important.”

Whoopi: [Regarding Ebola] “We’re all in this together. We’ve got to look out for each other.”

Gloria Estefan: “This play that we’re working on is a love-story between Emilio and myself, it’s a love-story for music and it’s a love-story for this country that gave us so many opportunities.”  

Nicole Richie:  “If you’re in this industry you have to have a sense of humor.”


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