October 14, 2014

Hot Topics

  • Quarantine Controversy: NBC Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman has apologized for breaking her 21 day voluntary quarantine after being directly exposed to Ebola and then going to a local restaurant. Whoopi read her apology to the audience and asked if it was enough. Nicolle didn’t think her apology was enough because she was supposed to set an example as a public figure. She said if Nancy doesn’t think it’s necessary to follow the quarantine, how can she ask or expect others to follow it? Whoopi agreed and thought even if the Dr. didn’t have symptoms she still should have followed the guidelines. Rosie O also agreed and thought her apology was “crappy.” She thought she should have completely admitted fault instead of mildly taking responsibility. Rosie P was happy she apologized but thought it was “a day late and a dollar short.” Whoopi joked that audiences can see her in that Lifetime movie! Nicolle thought Nancy missed an opportunity to be a spokesperson for the quarantine. She said she can no longer go on air and claim the quarantine is important to follow because she didn’t find it important enough to follow herself.
  • Questionable Company: Some people are angry that the President’s daughters and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai are on the same list as Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Time Magazine’s Most Influential Teens. Rosie P made the point that the list details the most influential teens, not the smartest or the most important teens. She said it’s the public’s fault for them being “influential” not the Jenner’s fault. Rosie P said the Jenner sisters are busy, young women that work really hard. Whoopi agreed that the sisters have influence over young people’s style. She said the public may not like the Kardashian sisters but the Jenners are working for a living. Nicolle thinks their last name gives them opportunities that others do not get. Whoopi pointed out that their last name is Jenner not Kardashian. Rosie O admitted she is “Kardashian/Jenner illiterate.” She knows who some of the sisters are married to, but that’s about it. Rosie P thinks the fame may make it easier for the Jenner sisters to succeed but said there are plenty of rich kids that are privy to great opportunities that don’t take advantage of them.
  • Russell Brand Rewind: Whoopi mentioned that many viewers thought that Russell Brand took a real shine to Nicolle during his recent View appearance! Nicolle said Russell has mastered the art of throwing you off base by speaking to you at close range. Both Rosies shouted that Russell was totally flirting with Nicolle! Nicolle went home and told her husband that Russell Brand “maybe might have kissed her on TV.” Rosie P thought it was cool how she confronted him about some of his beliefs. Nicolle thinks Russell has a platform, but she doesn’t think he is prepared to give people the tools to do what he wants done. Rosie O defended Russell’s basic philosophy and said there are people in the world that are more qualified to set up the economic structure that doesn’t oppress the poor. She said Russell is the person who will help get people to show up and then the smart leaders will take over. Nicolle thinks it is a dangerous message to tell people not to vote in the USA five weeks before an important election. Whoopi thinks too many people died for the right to vote and said voting is an important issue to her.
  • ArtBeam Gallery Wat-Ahh Exhibit: Rosie P announced the art exhibit that combines a positive message on drinking water and good health for young people. She showed her husband’s painting that illustrates the movement’s purpose, which is also supported by First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • Vatican’s Views Evolving: The Vatican may be following the progressive views of Pope Francis (and Jesus! Whoopi added) as a new report calls for the church to welcome and accept gay people. The report says gays and lesbians have gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community though they still do not support gay marriage. Whoopi said it’s not perfect but “it’s a start and we’ll take it!” Rosie O agreed and said this is the first Pope to ever even use the word “gay.” Rosie P said the Bible tells us that God is the one to judge, not us. Nicolle said the Pope understands the world is changing and is bringing the Catholic Church with him in a lasting way. Whoopi said we’re all human and there is no reason for a church to say “you’re not welcome.”  Then she said, “Jesus had some interesting friends, just saying.” Rosie P thinks there are still some antiquated rules within the Catholic Church like how after mass but you can’t take communion if you’re divorced.  Still, Rosie O has a profound respect for the new Pope, his beliefs, the changes he’s made and how he rejects the excesses of the Vatican. She said he’s the first pope that she’s ever felt connected to.
  • Ugly as Sin: New Hampshire State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt (R) says their Congresswoman Rep. Ann McLane Kuster (D-N.H.) is bound to lose her re-election because she is ugly as sin. Whoopi said he looks like a bulldog! Rosie P said judging someone’s appearance keeps the good ones from doing the great jobs. Nicolle thinks statements like these are the reason why people are so turned off by politics.  Whoopi commented that she’s never heard anyone talk about a male candidate’s looks.
  • Microsoft CEO’s Bad Karma: Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, states that women should not ask for raises; they should just have faith that the system will give them the right raises as they go along. Nicolle said the “system” allows men to negotiate 57% of the time for a higher salary while women only negotiate 7% of the time. She said women who leave their careers up to Karma are screwed and women have to fight for everything they get in the workforce. She thought the CEO’s statement was crazy. Nicolle was all riled up! She was sure it was a planned “little sermon and not an off-handed comment.” Whoopi said it’s like black people saying, “Oh no, we’ll just wait on slavery and trust the system!” She thought it was nuts and he shouldn’t talk because it’s bad for business.
  • Does this add up? Two math professors are saying that math skills have nothing to do with inborn talent or genetics but it all comes down to hard work. Rosie O did not believe it. Whoopi said, as a dyslexic, that statement bothers her because they make it sound like some people aren’t working hard and that’s why they’re bad at math. Rosie P agreed with regard to people who have learning disabilities and argued that people can’t make a blanket statement for all people. She said when you tell a child they are not good at math because they didn’t test well, you hold them back. She thought the professors’ comments were dangerous. Rosie O said her dad was an electrical engineer and he used to tell her that Russian satellites could read our license plates and used to yell at her when she couldn’t do her math. Whoopi is afraid that calculators are making us dumber.
  • Frozen Doll: Carl from the show got Rosie O an Elsa doll from the movie Frozen to give to her daughter who loves the film. Rosie gave it to Dakota and they showed a video of her opening the gift. Dakota’s face lit up with delight as she pressed the buttons to make the doll talk and sing.


Laverne Cox: Laverne Cox joined Rosie O and Nicolle to talk about her role on the hit show Orange is the New Black. She also has a new documentary out entitled, “Laverne Cox Presents: The T-word.” They talked about her career, transitioning, difficulties with pronouns when a loved one transitions and her guest appearance on the show Faking It. The T-word airs this Friday night at 7:00pm EST on MTV.


Rosie & Laverne Cox

Meghan McCain: Meghan McCain joined Rosie P and Whoopi to talk about turning 30, her experiences with the Secret Service, her show Take Part Live and the Democratic and Republican front runners for 2016.




Rosie O: [to Laverne Cox] “You’re doing so much for so many, carry on in the light.”

Nicolle: “It is a dangerous message to tell people not to vote.”

Whoopi: “Jesus had some interesting friends, just saying.”

Rosie P: “Judging people’s appearances keep the good ones from doing great jobs.”

Laverne Cox: “Pronouns matter when we talk with and about trans people.”

Meghan McCain: “I just wish people would stop thinking that women are expiring when they hit 30.”


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