November 4, 2014

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  • Midterm ElectionsWhoopi began the show reminding people to vote in the midterm elections today but said she was a bit “pissed” at the democrats for distancing themselves so much from President Obama.  She sarcastically asked if the fact that people now have healthcare is the reason so many people are so pissed off.  Rosie P agreed and was also angry with the democrats for not having the president’s back.  She pointed out that gas prices are lower than ever, President Obama found Bin Laden and killed him and he’s gotten a lot accomplished in the 6 years of his presidency.  She encouraged people to “stand by your man!”  Rosie O wanted to know if most people have one or two important issues that help them decide who they are going to choose in an election.  For her, women’s reproductive freedom and improved immigration policies are two of the most important issues in her decision-making process.  Nicolle said year 6 of a presidency is traditionally brutal for a president’s party.  She remembered working for the Bush White House and literally feeling sick to her stomach as people in his own party turned against him.  In some cases, these were the same people who previously begged for his support and all of a sudden they wouldn’t even be seen with him.  She said politicians are not machines or robots, they’re people, and it feels terrible when this happens to a president.  Nicolle said republicans are excited because Obama’s policies are on the ballot and they have a 6 year record they can finally run against.  She is also excited about the 5 new potential republican women in the race today.  She truly liked the Joni Ernst pig commercial and called it a totally appropriate message but Rosie O thought the commercial was “horrible.”   Nicolle was happy that Joni could be the first woman the state of Iowa has ever sent to Washington.  Rosie P wasn’t a fan of Ernst and pointed out that Ernst doesn’t believe in raising minimum wage.  Nicolle agreed with that statement and defended Joni as an “unapologetic conservative.”  Mostly, it bothers Rosie P that we, as Americans, don’t take the midterm elections more seriously.  Nicolle said if Americans have any issue they feel passionately about they need to get out and vote today.  She wished it was easier for people to vote and would like online voting.  Whoopi agreed. She wished voting took place on the weekend when the majority of people aren’t working.
  • Obama is a Racist?: Ben Stein has spoken out in a recent video on Fox News saying there is a major undercurrent of racism in politics today and the reason for that is President Obama.  He called Obama the most racist president there has ever been and said he’s using race to divide Americans.  Whoopi said, “this coming from a party that tried for years to claim that Obama wasn’t even an American.”  Rosie P said we’ve had presidents that have OWNED SLAVES, for Pete’s sake.  He’s hardly the most racist.   Whoopi is sick of people “creating crap out of thin air” not based on any facts whatsoever.  She said, “Stop that Ben, you’re smarter than that!”  Rosie O said Fox News simply “likes to incite a lot of hate and is not always factually correct.”  Nicolle said Ben’s statement was wrapped in lunacy and the republican message should appeal to everybody but it doesn’t when people go around spreading these sorts of messages.  She said his comments made her sad.  Nicolle would like to see republicans presenting their ideas not doing exactly what they’re accusing the other side of doing.
  • Angelina Jolie Running for Office: In a recent Vanity Fair interview, Angelina Jolie hinted she might run for office.  Rosie P supported the idea.  She said Jolie is full of convictions and she stands by them however, she thinks if she runs she’s going to have to remember to be diplomatic.  Rosie P once had a wonderful mentor, who was an AIDS activist, who encouraged her to “go inside” with her message in order to affect policy.  She listed several celebrities who became politically relevant such a Ronald Reagan, Al Franken, Jesse Ventura, and Sonny Bono.  She thinks it’s definitely possible for a celebrity to be effective and make a difference in the world.  Rosie O pointed out the many things Jolie has done for Unicef and the United Nations.   She praised Jolie’s activism and quoted her saying, “Everywhere I go cameras follow, so I go where cameras need to be.”  Nicolle said people take Jolie seriously when it comes to political topics.  She said, in the end, politics is about communicating and governing.  Nicolle said anyone who doesn’t take her [Jolie] seriously, does it at their own peril.  Whoopi still wants to know how Angelina Jolie stands on the issues.  She said it’s the issues that matter most to her at this point in her life.  As a side note, you can engage with Nicolle Wallace on The View’s Facebook page today to discuss the elections and she will be covering the election results tonight on ABC News!
  • Taylor Swift Pulls Music From Spotify: Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify.  It is unclear as to exactly why Swift pulled her music from the streaming site but some are saying it’s because creating a scarcity for her music would encourage people to purchase it instead of streaming it.  If fans purchase the album on iTunes she will make millions more than if they stream it over Spotify.  Rosie P said there are a lot of artists who are struggling to get paid for their art.  She agreed artists should be paid but admitted that Taylor probably has a lot of money and isn’t hurting for cash.  She said it’s also tricky because many of her fans are young and don’t make their own money.  Rosie O said things are different for kids today.  She said her teens don’t ever buy an entire album of music, they just purchase the songs they like.  She said, “That’s the future and you can’t hold back the future.”  Nicolle believes Taylor yields a tremendous amount of power and was proud of her for standing up for her art.  Whoopi agreed.  She said no matter how much money you have, you should be paid for your art.  And she thinks if someone likes your music, they should pay for it.
  • Jeopardy With A Side of Viagra: Whoopi was watching Jeopardy last night at 7:00PM and was shocked when she saw this Viagra commercial.  She said not a lot offends her but she was pretty horrified and uncomfortable when she saw it!  She thought it was laughable that we’re not allowed to promote birth control on television but we can advertise for erectile dysfunction.  Rosie P thinks the ad is brilliant because it’s encouraging men to be okay with Viagra and bring the pill to the party!  She did agree that 7pm was an inappropriate time for that message though.  Nicolle pointed out that the ad is on all day Saturday and Sunday during football games.   Rosie O remembered the Cathy Rigby maxipad commercial from the early  1980s!  She said she almost died of embarrassment in front of her brothers when it came on the TV.  Nicolle was reminded of the  HBO GO: Awkward Family Viewing commercials that reminds viewers why they need HBO GO so they don’t have to sit through awkward television programs like Girls while they’re sitting with their parents. The topic alone was making her sweat!  Going back to the Viagra commercial, Rosie O said when her 11-year-old asked her what the commercial was for she simply told her, “Crawling!  It’s a commercial for crawling.”
  • No Frontal Nudity: 50 Shades of Grey fans may disappointed when they hear there will be no male full-frontal nudity in the film.  Rosie P noted the double-standard and said movie producers are fine with showing naked women all the time but won’t show a naked man.  She thinks men need to put it out there too.  She called out stars like Jason Biggs, Jason Segal, and Willem Dafoe, who have all done full-frontal nudity in their acting roles.  Rosie O thinks men aren’t typically shown nude because, in general, the penis is not a very appealing part of the body to look at.  Rosie P shouted, “So says YOU!”  Rosie O said she’s never had a straight friend call her up and say, “Oh my God Ro, last night I saw the most beautiful penis.” And Rosie P said, “That’s because they didn’t see Willem Dafoe’s!”



Martin Short:  The hilarious Martin Short joined the ladies of The View to discuss his new memoir I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend.  The group had a very funny discussion about the first time Martin played poker with Johnny Carson and Steve Martin.  Martin said he lost a tremendous amount of money and ended up nervously sitting beside Johnny Carson at dinner and laughing so hard at Steve’s jokes he spit mashed potatoes all over Johnny’s hand!  Martin said he’s still great friends with his former Three Amigos star Steve Martin and in fact, they go get colonoscopies together.  He called it a “hootenanny of purge.”  He said he and Steve get together at Steve’s house, play poker together and around midnight the bathroom looks like a “Carnival cruise on day 15!”  On a more serious note, Martin said his new book is a love letter to his late wife Nancy who died of ovarian cancer 4 years ago.  Martin doesn’t believe she’s gone but instead he believes she’s zoomed into their hearts and they carry her with them forever.  He said the book is a celebration of their 38 years together and in a way, brings her back to life.

John Leguizamo: John Leguizamo joined the ladies of The View to promote his latest movie Fugly that Rosie P also stars in!  He said the movie is partially autobiographical, especially the fugly part.  John said he was an ugly kid and he actually promoted the film by posting embarrassing photos of himself as a child on Instagram.  All the ladies thought John was adorable and didn’t think any of this could be true.   Fugly opens in select theaters this Friday (November 7) and will be available on demand on November 25th.

DWTS Cast Offs:  Nascar driver Michael Waltrip and his professional dancing partner Emma Slater are the most recent cast-offs from ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.   They joined the ladies of the show for their final dance.  Click here to watch a backstage video of Michael Waltrip explaining the Jeff Gordon incident.



Rosie P: [regarding the democratic party] “They need some backbone.”

Rosie O:  “I am a comedian not just a lesbian!”

Whoopi: “We are hard in Jersey.  We don’t play!”

Nicolle: [about politicians] “These guys are not machines, they’re not robots, they’re human beings.”

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