November 24, 2014

The ladies of The View welcomed guest cohost, Keke Palmer, who is currently starring as the first black Cinderella on Broadway.

Hot Topics:

  • The AMAs: Pitbull hosted last night’s American Music Awards and he will be on the show tomorrow (11/25)! Whoopi thought the women set the stage ablaze last night.  Rosie P agreed that all the women were fantastic but wondered where Beyonce was last night.   But another queen was there last night, Ms. Dianna Ross.   Ross presented Taylor Swift with the Dick Clark award.  In her remarks Taylor alluded to her feud with Spotify saying that people should look at music as whole albums, not just singles.  KeKe noted that there are not that many artists you can count on to give you a good album.  The panel agreed that record companies don’t want to spend the time and money to develop performers as artists, but that they just want the hit single.  Rosie O remembered when albums were a bigger deal, you got the artwork, the lyrics, the notes, and you really felt like you got to know the artist.  She listed Carol King and Joni Mitchell as examples.  She said if her kids really like a song she’ll suggest they download the entire album but her kids aren’t interested in doing that.  All they really care about owning is the song they love.
  • Two Country Stars Come Out: Two country music artists just came out of the closet: Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman, who just came out as gay in an emotional video. They played a clip of the video and you can watch it in its entirety here.   Whoopi thinks people forget to realize that gay people are everywhere, even in country music.  KeKe thinks it’s unfortunate that gay artists are pressured to come out when no one asks straight people to talk about their sexuality.

    (ABC news broke into the program with news that Chuck Hagel is resigning from his position as Secretary of Defense. I will get these notes when they post it online.  Stay tuned.)
  • Bill Cosby Continued: When The View returned, the panel was in the midst of a discussion about Bill Cosby and Rosie P was saying “Where there is smoke, there is fire,” and “we will see.” She hopes Bill Cosby will face his accusers in court so the truth can come out.  She thinks if all those women were sexually molested by him, they should have their day in court.  And if he is innocent, he should have his day in court to prove that.  Whoopi is reminded about the Duke lacrosse team who was accused of rape and she wants the accusers to present proof of what happened.  She wants to put away anyone who is doing that but she wants it to be proven for her to believe it.  Rosie P said a lot of the women were afraid to come forward because he was such a public figure so they don’t have the proof.  Rosie O said because the cases were settled, the accusers never went to court to have their say.  She said there will not be a way to know for sure.  Nicolle noted that the stories of the other women may be admissible in some states even though the incidents are past the statute of limitations.  She mentioned some other accusers and people who are saying a lot about Cosby’s weird behavior in the past.  Whoopi wants the story to be told if there is a story, but she doesn’t want to rush to judgment and recalled when Tawana Brawley falsely accused six white men of rape in 1988 and it was not true.  Then Whoopi pointed to the audience and said, “Before you come running up on me again and tell me that I am condoning rape, think twice.”  Then she went to commercial.
  • A Special Breed: Save Zeus! A Louisiana family is set to lose their beloved pit bull on December 1 because of a local ban on the breed even though he has been a therapy dog for a girl suffering from back and neck problems.  Keke asked,“ So these people either have to move out the town, or their dog will get killed?” Nicolle wanted to get more information about the story and try and save the dog!  Rosie O just helped save a beautiful pit bull when she was out in LA recently taping The Fosters.  She admitted she used to be afraid of pit bulls, but has done a lot of research and she has a friend who brings her dog over to the house and she finds the dog very loving. Her baby even rides on the pit bull, whereas the Chihuahua tries to bite her every day!  Whoopi quoted the girl who says it is owners who make dogs bad, dogs aren’t born bad.  Keke said that pit bulls were made to fight.  But Rosie P said that is not true and she pointed out that Petey, from The Little Rascals, was a pit bull.  Rosie P hopes the people of Louisiana will stand up for the family and ask their representatives to save the dog.  Nicolle let the audience know they were going to try and reach out and save the dog for the family too.
  • School Lunches: Kids are tweeting photos of their less than appealing school lunches and using the hashtag #thanksmichelleobama and it’s started a hashtag revolution! Nicolle reminded everyone that too many kids are suffering from diabetes and obesity and the challenge is to make healthy food look more appealing. She said, “You gotta eat it kids.  Eat your apple for Pete’s sake, you’re getting fat and you’re dying.”  She was on Michelle’s side.


Guest: Robin Roberts Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts joined the ladies of The View to discuss a Thanksgiving night special she’s hosting that thanks people who are making a contribution to the world. She said she learned about service and giving back from her parents and she wanted to highlight people giving back in the world. Then she called out Parker who was sitting in the front row of the audience because she couldn’t believe how much he has grown!  She spoke to the ladies about the special and said it was really about just saying “Thank you” to people doing good out in the world.  Rosie O said how thankful they all were that Robin was doing so well and has kicked cancer’s ass twice!  Robin’s Thanksgiving night special airs Thursday night on ABC!

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Guest: Aubrey Plaza “Parks and Rec” star, Aubrey Plaza, joined the ladies of The View to discuss her new role as the voice-over for Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Grumpy cat is super famous, has a tremendous amount of Twitter followers and has a huge entourage!  While seated on Rosie O’s lap Aubrey told the audience this will be her last season on Parks and Rec, but she said no one in the audience should be sad because they were all going home with the Grumpy Cat soundtrack and the Grumpy Cat bookGrumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever premieres Saturday (11/29) at 8/7(c).

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