November 18, 2014

Hot Topics:

  • The View welcomed Glee star Naya Rivera as guest co-host for the day!
  • Bracing for Backlash:  The FBI is warning the public saying the Ferguson decision will likely lead to violence by extremist protesters.  Whoopi thinks it seems a little premature to be coming out with that statement.  Rosie O thinks someone might know the verdict that’s coming and that’s why they’re coming out with the preemptive warning.  Rosie P thinks they’re just being careful.  When Do The Right Thing premiered, she too heard there were going to be riots and uproar over the film, yet nothing happened.  She hopes this is the same in this case.  She agrees with protesting but she said the only ones who suffer when there are riots are the people of the community.  Nicolle wants President Obama to go to Ferguson.  She hopes the White House is hatching a secret plan to send the President there to show support for the community members.  She thinks the relationship between the police force and the people they protect should be the most intimate relationship in the community.  Rosie O said that’s not possible in the most segregated city in America. She said there’s a minority policing a majority and that’s problematic.  And during the Rodney King beating, the first time citizens were allowed to see police brutality captured on a video phone, that was the first time in our lifetimes people have stood up and said, “Enough!”  Whoopi doesn’t want people to “brace for the worst” because she thinks it sets the scene for bad things happening.  She sees it as encouragement.  She does not think that black people are just going to go burn everything down when this verdict is read.  She also doesn’t think it’s the people of Ferguson causing the problems, she thinks it’s the out-of-towners who come and cause trouble.  Rosie O believes there are people who know that injustice is about to be ignored and that is going to cause people to get pissed.  Nicolle asked Rosie O how she knows it’s a great injustice if she wasn’t in the grand jury room.  Rosie O said as an American, she finds it very wrong to shoot unarmed teenagers six times (once in the head).   She said she’s sick of hearing stories like those of Trayvon Martin, Faheem Williams, and Michael Brown.  She said, “Black boys are like the endangered species in America and no one seems to care enough.”  Whoopi said a lot of people care but we have to remind everyone that these boys being killed could be your sons!  She said until we as a united America say “no more” all of our kids are in danger.
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  • Friends with The Other Sex: Mary J. Blige says the secret to making her marriage last is that she doesn’t allow her husband to have female friends and she doesn’t have male friends.  Naya just got married and thinks Mary’s stance is “amazing.”  And she’s pretty sure she had this same conversation with her husband about two days ago.  Naya feels like it’s playing with fire if you go to a person of the opposite sex about problems in your marriage.   Rosie P said if that “creams your Twinkie, go ahead” however, she respectfully disagrees.  Rosie P has male friends and her husband has female friends and she’s fine with it because she’s confident enough in her relationship that she knows her husband is “all that” and so is she!  Rosie O and she and her wife Michelle have friends of all genders, all sexualities, trans friends, tall friends, little friends, and they’re both fine with either of them speaking to whomever they want about whatever they want.  But, she continued, they’re lesbians and they “kind of move in after two dates” and then stay for at least a decade.  And if they breakup?  They tend to stay friends.  So, there’s that.  Naya thinks when you’re just dating, it’s one thing, but once you get married all the rules change and the opposite sex friends need to “back off a little.”  Nicolle really appreciates her husband’s female friends because she thinks they’re oftentimes the ones who give her husband some of his best advice.  She thinks it speaks to the frailty in a marriage if you don’t allow your husband to speak to other women.     Whoopi thinks if you’re with someone who’s a “player,” opposite sex friends will always be an issue.
  • Rear View: The ladies showed some hilarious internet parodies of Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine cover.
  • Money for the Arts: Rosie P briefly discussed a charity event she went to last night.  She went to an event called “The 24 Hour Plays” where they raised a tremendous amount of money for Urban Arts Partnership.  She also announced they received a 3 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  Click on the link to donate to help keep the arts in education.
  • Lack of Racially Diverse Emojis: The ladies discussed the fact that there is a severe lack of black emoji’s out there available for texting!
  • Viral Video: In honor of the singalong Frozen DVD being released today, the ladies of The View invited two little girls whose video of them singing along to Let It Go has gone viral.  Zoe and Maddie sat down for a little chat with Rosie O.  They sat down and talked about their love of the film Frozen and then sang Let It Go along with the studio audience.  At the end of the segment Rosie O gave the girls a wagon full of Frozen merchandise. Here’s a clip to watch the rehearsal before the show!


Shaquille O’Neal: Shaq danced his way out to join the ladies of The View to discuss a multitude of topics.  They discussed his kids, family life and how he’s 7 feet tall but really has a “small guy’s mentality.”  Shaq said he has to have some cars custom made, for example.  In order for him to drive a Ferrari he had to have the roof permanently removed.  That was never a problem until it started raining on him one day!  Shaq said his parents always warned him to have a backup plan which they called a “what if.”  He said no matter how great he did in basketball they always wanted him to be thinking about the “what if.”  He has his Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate and now is thinking about getting his law degree!  Shaq is also a Icy Hot spokesperson and plugged the product Smart Relief.  He said he’s been with Icy Hot for 12 years and their products really work!  Lastly, Rosie O challenged Shaq to a game of basketball.  They had 40 seconds to see who could make the most baskets.  Shaq won but not by much!


Rosie and Shaq!

Evangeline Lilly: One of the stars of Lost and the Hobbit movies, Evangeline Lilly, stopped by The View to discuss her new book entitled  The Squikerwonkers.  She talked with the ladies about the book and how she wants to make it into an 18 part series.  As a child, Evangeline said she loved dark stories.  She thinks kids like this feeling of the darker side of life and wanted to write a book that represented that. But she said in dark tales of the past, they were always very divided in “them” and “us.”  In this series, everyone is flawed and every character has something awesome about them too.  Evangeline is about to receive the American Civilization Award at the National Museum of Illustration.  In fact, five years ago Whoopi received the same award!  Lastly, fans can donate to First Book and will then be automatically entered for a chance to win a VIP experience at the Hobbit premiere with her!

The DWTS CastOffs: The most recent Dancing With The Stars castoffs, Tommy Chong and Peta Mergatroyd, joined the ladies of The View for a short discussion about their time on the show and to dance a final dance for the studio audience.

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience received a Disney Frozen Singalong DVD, and Icy Hot gift package and a copy of Evangeline Lilly’s new book The Squickerwonkers.


Whoopi: “Arts in school is as necessary as breathing.”
Rosie P:  “If that creams your Twinkie, go ahead.”
Rosie O:  “Black boys are like the endangered species in America and nobody seems to care.”
Nicolle: “This should be the most intimate relationship in every community, between the police force and the people they protect.”
Shaq: “I like to do little guy things.”
Evangeline Lilly: “I was always fascinated by anything that would address the darker side of life because no one else was talking about it.”