November 13, 2014

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Rosie O was back from LA from her trip filming The Fosters and the ladies on the show were celebrating Whoopi’s birthday today!  The birthday celebration included confetti and one of Whoopi’s all-time favorite bands, Vintage Trouble.  Rosie O talked a little about her trip to Los Angeles to tape some episodes of the ABCFamily show The FostersRosie O showed a few photos from the trip and talked about how much she absolutely loves the series and the people she works with while she is out there.  And when she was in LA, a pit bull kept running onto the set.  He was rather emaciated and beaten up, as if he were a wounded “bait dog” used in dog fighting.  He was struggling to eat, but the whole crew got the dog to the vet and saved him!  Rosie admitted she was always afraid of pit bulls before this.  Rosie P reminded her that Petey, from The Little Rascals, was a pit bull and they have not always been mean dogs.  Rosie P said, “Mean people make mean dogs,” but the dogs themselves are not mean.  Rosie O said she’s now got Pit Bulls and Parolees on her DVR schedule.

WTC Scare: There was a scare at the new World Trade Center building when two workers were caught dangling from scaffolding on the 68th floor for hours before they were rescued.  Rosie P commented on how brave the men were who do that job and thanked God that they’re okay.  Rosie O also commented on the bravery of the men and the firefighters who saved them.  Nicolle said she stood riveted on the corner watching the ordeal play out for a good 45 minutes, very concerned about the men’s safety.  Whoopi said if that had been her dangling on the side of the building everyone below her would have been wet!

Breaking the Internet:  So yesterday they discussed how Kim Kardashian tried to “break the internet” by showing her bare behind and today she’s now showing off her front side.  Rosie P said this is an issue of “taste and class.”  She believes in celebrating women’s bodies and thinks nudity in movie-making is art but wasn’t sure about this.  Though she did think the photo itself was beautifully done.  Rosie O saw no problem with it and said, “If I looked like Kim Kardashian she would be naked in the frozen food section of the A&P [supermarket]!”  Though, she admitted, that no one has ever asked her to pose naked which she found shocking.  Nicolle said the whole “naked thing” makes her laugh.  She said only in America do we have such a problem with this because in Europe, nobody cares.  Whoopi agreed.  She said in Europe women don’t have the same issues with nudity that we have in America.  She discussed how much she loved a nude beach and how ladies, of all shapes and sizes, feel free to just put it all out there!  Rosie P said she would never consider going to a nude beach though all the ladies told her how beautiful she was.  She said, “It’s been a long time since Do the Right Thing.”  Whoopi finds something wonderful with women who are very comfortable with their bodies.

Hip Hop Health: According to a study out of Cambridge, Hip Hop music can actually improve mental health and empower listeners.  Rosie P was not surprised to hear this at all.  She said hip hop music has always been full of positivity.  She said Hip Hop made her always feel good and proud about where she was from. Nicolle talked about how much she loves the rapper Eminem.  She called him a “modern day poet” and said when she heard his album Recovery she actually wept.  Rosie O lovingly referred to Nicolle as the “weirdest Republican of the year.”  And Whoopi seemed shocked by Nicolle’s confession too!  She commented about how that’s the best thing about the show, because it’s always teaching you that you cannot judge a book by its cover.  Rosie O agreed.  She too loves Eminem and Hip Hop music.

People Magazine Sexist Man Alive:  People magazine has come out with the finalists for their Sexiest Man Alive magazine cover.  The list has been narrowed down to: Jamie Dornan, Chris Pratt, and Neil Patrick Harris.  If NPH gets the top honors, he will be the first openly gay man to get the title.  Rosie O said despite the fact that he wasn’t on the list, her vote is for Russell Brand.  Nicolle’s number one pick was Liev Schreiber (also not on the short list). And Rosie P said her husband wins sexiest man alive in her world.  She also has issues with these lists and always picking “the best” because she thinks there are tons of attractive men out there.   She said the only positive thing that could come from selecting this “winner” would be if Neil Patrick Harris won because he is the first openly gay male.  Otherwise, she doesn’t really care.

When Parents Lie: A new study finds that when parents lie to protect their child’s feelings it doesn’t really help them and only teaches them to be little liars, even if it’s for a good reason.  But Whoopi asked if parents can ever be completely honest with their kids all the time? Rosie P said no.  For example, if a child is ugly a child can’t look at them and tell them that they’re ugly!  Rosie O and Whoopi, who are both moms themselves, said no mom would ever think their own child is ugly!  Nicolle consciously reminds herself not to tell those little white-lies to her son so he will always trust her.  Rosie P thought it was okay to lie to your child and say their art is the best you’ve ever seen in order to boost their self-esteem, even if you don’t agree.  Though all the moms at the table didn’t think it was a lie when a mom told their child that.  Moms actually do believe their children’s art is always beautiful.  Rosie O, careful to not say anything about Santa in case children were in the room, said some parents don’t think it’s okay to encourage “Christmas fables.”  But she disagreed and so did Whoopi.  They both saw nothing wrong with encouraging your child to believe in Santa.   Whoopi thinks a shred of truth can always be provided.  And her mom was honest with her about her looks.  She used to say to her, “You ain’t them, you’re YOU.”  And that always worked for her.

Baby NEWS: The View hosts congratulated one of the original View cohosts, Debbie Matenopoulos, who just gave birth to a baby girl!  Congratulations!

NASA in the News:  Rosie P was very excited about the project that just recently landed a space device on a moving comet!  She thanked the men and women for both making it possible and for reigniting the conversation about science and exploration for kids.

Viral Video:  The cohosts laughed about a classic viral video showing a cat’s reaction (or lack thereof) to seeing his owner after six months of him being away.  Whoopi thinks cats couldn’t care less about their owners.  Nicolle, on the other hand, thinks cats secretly care, but just want to act like they don’t.  Whoopi said again, she thinks cats simply don’t care!


Patti Labelle: The amazing Patti Labelle joined the ladies of The View to discuss all the great things she has going on in her life and to sing for Whoopi’s birthday celebration!  She looks amazing at 70 years young, and she’s excited because she’s about to be a grandmother for the very first time.  She briefly discussed her role in the series American Horror Story and her cookbooks.  Patti treated the audience to a performance of Over the Rainbow in honor of Whoopi.  Click here to watch a hilarious Vine video of Rosie O discussing Patti’s brilliance!

Whoopi’s Favorite Things: Whoopi and Nicolle displayed some of Whoopi’s favorite things!  The favorite things included the Zapi Luxe toothbrush sanitizerBlueQ Socks, the Triple C Power Wallet, the 180s Bluetooth Ear Warmers, The Ex Skewer Set with Special Tray, the Coravin Wine Access System, and the Nexus 9 Tablet.  All the members of the studio audience got to take home all of her favorite things!!!!

Lastly, and in honor of Whoopi, Vintage Trouble closed out the show with some rocking tunes!!!  Whoopi got to introduce them to the audience and found out that Nicolle’s dad is also a huge fan!  The band performed Strike Your Light for the studio audience and viewers at home.   All the members of the studio audience also went home with a copy of their latest CD!


Happy Birthday Whoopi!

Happy Birthday Whoopi!


Rosie O: “If I looked like Kim Kardashian, I’d be naked in the frozen food section of the A&P.”

Rosie P: “Mean people make mean dogs.”

Nicolle: “Eminem is a modern day poet.”

Whoopi: “You ain’t them, you are you!”

Take a little time and enjoy The View!