206 munnies sold in 27 weeks

all to support the Maravel Arts Center

thank you everyone #onlyLOVE
Munny---316 Munny---315 Munny---314 Munny---313 Munny---312 Munny---311 Munny---310 Munny---309 Munny---308 Munny---307 Munny---306 Munny---305 Munny---304 Munny---303 Munny---302 Munny---301 Munny---300 Munny---299 Munny---298 Munny---297 Munny---296 Munny---295 Munny---294 Munny---293 Munny---292 Munny---291 Munny---290 Munny---289 Munny---288 Munny---287 Munny---286 Munny---285 Munny---284 Munny---283 Munny---282 Munny---281 Munny---280 Munny---279 Munny---278 Munny---277 Munny---276 Munny---275 Munny---274 Munny---273 Munny---272 Munny---271 Munny---270 Munny---269 Munny---268 Munny---267 Munny---266-tiny Munny---265-tiny Munny---264-tiny Munny---263-tiny Munny---262 Munny---261 Munny---260 Munny---259 Munny---258 Munny---257-large Munny---256-large Munny---255-large 254 Car 253 large 252 large Munny---251 Munny---250 Munny---249 Munny---248 Munny---247 Munny---246 Munny---245 Munny---242 Munny---241 Munny---240 Munny---239 Munny---238 Munny---237 Munny---236 Munny---235 Munny---234 Munny---233 Munny---231 Munny---230 Munny---227 Munny---225 Munny---224 Munny---223 231 Munny---222 Munny---219 Munny---218 Munny---217 Munny---216 Munny---215 Munny---214 Munny---213 Munny---212 Munny---211 Munny---210 Munny---209 Munny---208 Munny---207 Munny---206 Munny---205 Munny---204 Munny---203 Munny---202 Munny---201 Munny---200 Munny---199 Munny---198 Munny---197 Munny---196 Munny---195 Munny---194 Munny---193 Munny---176 Munny---175 Munny---174 Munny---173 Munny---172 Munny---171 Munny---170 Munny---169 Munny---168 Munny---167 Munny---166 Munny---165 Munny---164 Munny---163 munny-162 munny-161 munny-157 munny-156 munny-155 munny-154 munny-153 munny-152 munny-151 munny-150 munny-149 munny-148 munny-147 munny-146 munny-145 munny-144 munny-143 munny-142 munny-141 munny-140 munny-139 Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny Munny 138mini 137mini 136mini 135mini 134mini 133mini 132mini 131mini 130 129 mini 128 mini 127mini 126mini 125mini 124 mini 123mini 122mini 119 118 117 116 115 114 113 112 111 110 109 108 107 106 105 104 103 102


Munny---177 Munny---178 Munny---179 Munny---180 Munny---181 Munny---182 Munny---183 Munny---184 Munny---185 Munny---186 Munny---187 Munny---188 Munny---189 Munny---190 Munny---191 Munny---192 Munny---220 Munny---221 Munny---226 Munny---228 Munny---229

11 Responses to 'Munnies'

  1. MSP Hacks says:

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  2. Rueben says:

    I started buying Ro’s Art work years ago when she announced the opening of her store on the Martha Steward show. I have since purchased 12 pieces of her work! And other things from her store! I’ve been to her school and it is amazing. Love each and everyone of them…Have all of my Art work from Ro framed and have what I call a Rosie wall in a guest bedroom in my home.
    Amazing women, outstanding work, all for a good cause!

  3. Michael Saferin-Reed says:

    I personally own six pieces of Rosie’s art, including the Munnies. They are on my entertainment center where I can see them every day. Highly recommend these as they are truly art!

    Love and light,
    Michael Saferin-Reed
    Baltimore, Maryland

  4. Moonflower says:

    My 3 year old granddaughter wants a pink kitty Munnies. Well really she wants them all… lol She was so excited when i opened it up for her to look at them. Like a kid in a candy store. Very artistic these munnies of yours.

  5. Brenda says:

    I want to buy a munny from Rosie and help support one of her favorite groups! 🙂
    Will these be available in the near future?
    Peace & Love

  6. Nancy says:

    Why is this the first time I have seen these Munnies? Are they still for sale? Cost? If for sale, how do I let you know which one I’d like?
    Rosie, you are my favorite person (from way back). I just love you & your honest humor. I wish I lived back in New England so I could maybe get to one of your ‘gigs’. Unless you think you will be in the Ocala Florida area sometime soon.

  7. Greg Castle says:

    Have 1 large munny & 2 small LB acrylic & postcards of art..they are atop my pc & Look at them every day & send positive energy to rosie they brighten my day. every time I look at them.. Love Greg…If you ever get to Milwaukee I have a signed Barabara Strisand large Record professionally framed & signed in my bakery.. got it in Vegas 8 years ago 700 dollars.. thanks for all you do for Kids Love Greg

  8. Laura says:

    Would you ever b willing to gift unwrapped Muni’s, so some could paint&send back 2 U?
    Lve, LJ

  9. Elizabeth Broeker says:

    I really like the hippo Munnies. Is there any way toy can craft more of these? Please

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