I wanted the fame, but not the cover of Newsweek

Oh well, guess beggers can’t be choosey

Wanted to receive attention for my music

Wanted to be left alone in public excuse me

Been wanting my cake, And eat it too

And wanting it both ways

Fame made me a balloon cause my ego inflated

When I blew seep and it was confusing

Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf

Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam

Hit the lottery (oh wee)

With what I gave up to get was bittersweet

It was like winning a huge meet

Ironic ’cause I think I’m getting so huge I need a shrink

I’m beginning to lose sleep: one sheep, two sheep

Going cuckoo and cookey as Kool Keith

But I’m actually weirder than you think

Cause I’m…

friends with the monster

That’s under my bed

Get along with the voices inside of my head

You’re trying to save me

Stop holding your breath

And you think I’m crazy

Yeah, you think I’m crazy


  1. Nancy Migliore says:

    The 100,000 question is “how do you become friends with the monster under the bed”?

  2. T/S says:

    I love Eminem! I know I dont fit the demographic (50 female) but I love him.
    I get the monster comment. Not on his or your terms, but I get it.
    In some ways, I think it is something I have chased (unsuccessfully) my entire life.
    Anyway…I hope you and your wonderful family had a fantastic holiday and I hope your stand up is kicking ass and takin names!
    Much love to you and your family Ro!
    T/S <3

  3. Jane says:

    Love this!

  4. Jordan Plowman says:

    I love this song! Eminem is a modern day Shakespeare.