looking up

did my first round of blood tests
things r looking up
my good cholesterol is too low
what the …

didn’t think that was possible
but apparently it is
i am at 31 and need to get to 40
i can do that

diet and exercise
use it or lose it
who u gonna serve
now or never

many things have shifted
this last month
each decision weighed
choose and then choose again

to become ur own protective presence
not easy for us humans
tend to self

i find i like alison pill
so much more
since her top free tweet
something about her smile

i knew whoever she was thinking of
would be warmed
by the image clicked open
young and in love

i never had that kind of courage

so now tending to my body
a new mountain to climb
a place to return to
pre shame

kids r back in school
2 away – 2 still here
life feels familiar again
a rhythm i know well

the parking line for school pick up
is the best place to practice calm
as i try to decrease stress
in all ways

so many have been so kind
grabbing my hand –
“i am so happy u r ok ”
warms me

thank u
thank u
thank u