while trying to write this blog
i googled lindsay lohan
looking 4 some facts
and found me the top hit

“rosie trashed lindsay lohan on today show”
says the EW blog team
“rosie heatedly slammed lohans casting …”

i don’t get it
it seemed pretty clear to me
“what do i think about her playing liz taylor”
the same thing i think about her playing anyone

to meworking right now seems like a bad idea
it is not about her talent
it is about her health
lindsay lohan needs help

i met her when she was a young girl
smart adorable and full of light
we all watched her this last decade
a true hollywood story

long island memories
stuck in my hard drive
u can never go home again
and u can never really leave

billy joel – howard stern
judd apatow – alec baldwin
bill oreilly – eddie murphy
mariah carey – lindsay lohan

all of us children of the island
robert moses beach
northern state parkway
ej korvettes

long way from there to here
the exact feeling i had
watching whitney houstons funeral in newark
we all should have spoken up for her too

we believe in u
u r not alone
help is available
u r loved

lindsay lohan is worth saving
she is the only one who can do it
before it is 2 late
i hope she can finds her value – off camera

and then – when she returns – on camera
she will wow us all
once more