june 6th

what a month
craziness and mayhem
mystery and medicine
life tuned upside down

a naked man ate a homeless mans face
in broad daylight in miami
walker wins wisconsin
mr t returns again- unwanted like herpes

don’t take the bait
since the internet – publicists quake
worrying 24/7
if we – the clients – hit enter & send

with social media today
twitter instagram Facebook
danger lurks on every keyboard
i post – there 4 i am ?

life as usual or not
a photo – a verse
something tangible – done
2 hold – hear – see

a motto for my last four weeks
and an amazing first book by the bloggess
read it

but not while in the hospital
cause overt uncontrollable laughter
is not appropriate
when loved ones r resting

hospitals – great equalizers
nurses – professional nurturers
i love their ability to give and give and give
huge healing hearts

pediatrics – floor 6
i met a young woman in the laundry room
overwhelmed yet hopeful
her son is very sick

they have been there since jan
she is 23 – her baby is 14 months
single parent
no family to help

we spoke thru tears – ┬ámom to mom
about loving r children
the intensity of connection
she went to get him

caydenhe smiled – lifting his arms toward me
tubes in too many limbs
he is angelic
blindingly beautifulit was a gift to hold him
his mother smiled
she knows this
now i do toomish and i have been in 5 hospitals this month
as smart men and women
try to figure out
whats going on inside her tiny tummyi am amazed watching the doctors come and go
at all hours
pushing here and there
finding where and if it still hurts

she is asked many times a day
to assign a number to her pain
like the color coded terror alerts
anything over an 8 is RED ALERT

when she sleeps
i can see her when she was a toddler
smiling at the world
anne margaret meets pebbles flintstone

i crawl in the bed beside her
and hold her close
i whisper what i know for sure
u r safe – u r loved

this too shall pass
together we will get through
with the help of the healers
who move me so

we r home now
she is on the mend
so grateful to all who cared for us
on we grow