January 29, 2015

Today on The View, Rosie and Whoopi were joined by guest co-hosts Padma Lakshmi and Mario CantoneNicolle was sick today and Rosie Perez returns in February.

Hot Topics:

Money Talks: The whole country is talking about the Super Bowl right now except for one guy, Marshawn Lynch.  He doesn’t like talking to the press but he likes talking about Skittles!  He’s been getting heat for not talking to the press and sports journalists are very upset with him.  Ed Sherman is calling for a Skittles boycott claiming they’re helping Marshawn mock the media.  Padma said meanwhile, the media makes it their job to go around mocking everybody.  And she said if she were an owner of a football team she would want the players to concentrate on what they’re going to do on the field not how they talk about it afterwards.  Mario thinks there are ways to work the press and Marshawn could have improvised.  Whoopi said all of the hosts would be able to improvise but maybe Marshawn doesn’t feel like he could.  Richard Sherman, who was blasted in the media last year for how he spoke to the press after a game, supports Marshawn’s choice not to speak to them.


Do What on a First Date: There’s a new book entitled Own That Guy in 60 Days that claims that if women have sex on the first date, pay for dinner and do not play hard-to-get, they will get the man they want in two months.  No one at the table thought that could possibly be true.  Whoopi doesn’t want to own anybody anyway! Padma called it “stupid” and said she wouldn’t be attracted to anyone she could own.  Rosie thinks the most valuable thing you have is your integrity and that should never be bought.  Mario thinks it’s different with men and he said if a man can have sex with a woman on a first date, they would.  But he knows a lot of straight men who, as much as they want sex on the first date, won’t respect the woman’s decision to have sex with them.  Whoopi would ditch the book.  Padma thought the only good advice from the book was to call or text the next day to say “thank you” for the date.  Rosie said if Padma called her back the next day after a date, she’d be celebrating!!

Oh Baby: The measles outbreak on the west coast  is causing some parents to speak out.  One woman took her baby to the doctor’s office when it turned out that another unvaccinated child, who had tested positive for measles, had recently been in that waiting room.  Now her baby has to stay in a mandatory 28-day quarantine.   Whoopi understands people are afraid of vaccines but doesn’t understand how parents can’t realize that they’re putting other kids at risk.  Padma spaced her daughter’s vaccinations out but said her daughter is up-to-date.  She understands the mom who is upset.  She thinks it’s fine if you don’t believe in vaccines but you should also make sure you don’t affect the health of other people.   Mario believes in vaccines.  Rosie’s kids have all been vaccinated.  However, a lot of parents at her children’s school chose not to vaccinate.  Padma thinks if you don’t vaccinate your children they should be required to wear a bracelet identifying them as non-vaccinated.  Rosie wasn’t sure about that idea but said it’s a difficult topic for some parents.  Whoopi thinks it’s crazy we are talking about a disease that was irradiated years ago all because some parents are being irresponsible.  She said if she gets measles from your child because they weren’t vaccinated, she’s coming to your house!

Padma wished there was a vaccine against jerks!  But Whoopi said jerks can be good in your life because they teach you what you don’t want.  Rosie listens to a woman named Esther Hicks on YouTube who calls that phenomenon “contrast.”  She says contrast presents itself in your world so you can be in alignment and realize what you don’t want.  And Mario said it’s just as important to “listen” to your history so you can learn from it and not make the same mistake in your next relationship.  Whoopi said we choose to play with jerks because we are often afraid to be alone even when all the signs tell us to run.  Padma quoted Maya Angelou and said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Holy Matri-Money: Actress Gabriel Union wants people to know that she signed a pre-nup before marrying NBA superstar Dwayne Wade because she makes her own money and doesn’t need his.  Rosie thought it was fantastic and said, “Good for her!” Mario and Padma agreed.  Whoopi said she would talk about a pre-nup on the first date to ensure she leaves a relationship exactly how she entered it in case anything ever happens.

Padma Update: The first half of the Top Chef finale was last night!  And Padma also has a company called Easy Exotic that sells culinary products and tabletop items at places like Kohls and Target.  They are also introducing frozen organic rices at Whole Foods!   When Padma said “frozen” Rosie burst out into song and began singing Let it GoPadma said she and her daughter are big fans of the movie too!  Rosie mentioned how she wants to go on the Frozen cruise and they had a whole Frozen discussion about their love of the film.


kevin-costnerKevin Costner: Oscar winner Kevin Costner joined our hosts to discuss his new film entitled Black or White.  He plays a widower who gets pulled into a racially-charged custody battle for his granddaughter.  Whoopi wondered if Kevin felt compelled to do a movie that discussed this issue because in America, we’re not having the discussions we need to be having about race.  He said he just knew when he read the story that he couldn’t run away from it.  He said the film tries have an authentic look at where we are with race today.  In the film, Kevin’s character and Octavia Spencer are in a custody dispute over their granddaughter.  He said when lawyers get involved in a custody issue, race can sometimes get used as a tool as it does in this movie.  Kevin said this movie says a lot of things he wished we could say.  He even chose to finance this movie himself.  Kevin said his problem is he can’t fall out of love with something and once he heard this project wouldn’t get made, he and his wife chose to finance it themselves.  He said he would like to make more movies, but if he never gets to do another movie, he would happily live with this one as his last.  Kevin spoke about the wonderful actress who plays his granddaughter in the film, about what it’s like to be a father a second time around and about being a musician.  Black or White will be in theaters nationwide tomorrow, January 30th.  Go see it!

Impractical Jokers: In Impractical Jokers, four very funny friends, Q, Murr, Joe and Sal, compete to embarrass each other in front of an unsuspecting public.  They dare each other to do crazy things and the public has no clue!  The four men have been friends since high school and have known each other for over 25 years.  Mario felt like he was at his cousin’s bachelor party and he loves the show.  One of The View producers got the four Impractical Jokers together before the show to perform some practical jokes on unknowing audience members!   Rosie’s favorite episode of Impractical Jokers was the mashed potatoes episode.


q-rosie-odonnellRosie’s son is a HUGE fan of the show and told her she looks like one of the guys – Q.  She agreed!  So, she appeared in an episode to prove it!  Watch below.  But Q has since grown a beard so it ruins their look-alike contest so he handed Rosie a fake beard to wear.  So Rosie got Q a fake I.D. that says “Brian O’Donnell” so he can pretend they’re related!  The Impractical Jokers are on tour and this weekend in Florida.  And their new show premieres tonight on TruTV at 10/9(c)!

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience got a copy of Impractical Jokers: Season 2 on DVD.

Take a little time to enjoy The View!

written by Kelly Weist
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