January 16, 2015

Today, Nicolle and Rosie were joined by guest co-hosts Mario Cantone and Barbara Walters!  Whoopi will be back on the show Tuesday, after suffering a very painful herniated disc in her back and Rosie Perez will return to the show at the end of the month when she’s done rehearsing her play.

Hot Topics:

Baby It’s Cold Outside:  It’s been freezing in New York this week and Rosie said she can’t get her kids to wear a coat!  She said they will only wear hoodies and she ends up feeling like an abusive mother when her kids go out in just a sweatshirt.  Mario said it’s all about fashion and he gets it.  Barbara commented on Nicolle’s bare legs!  Nicolle wasn’t wearing pantyhose or tights with her skirt today because she once wore tights recently to another TV show and they suggested she take them off.  Apparently, tights and hose are out!  Barbara said the other night on the Golden Globes, George Clooney’s wife wore white gloves and people are criticizing her for that.  Barbara thought she looked beautiful and said she would have worn gloves too if she had an awards show to go to.

On With the Show: The Showtime series Shameless has just started up again with a brand new season.  Rosie said she loves the family from the series so much she feels like they’re actually part of her family. She finds herself missing them when she hasn’t seen the show in a while.  Barbara’s favorite show is Downton Abbey.  She even skipped watching the Golden Globes on Sunday to watch it.  Rosie said she has this latest season of Downton Abbey on DVD and offered to give it to Barbara but Barbara politely declined.  She enjoys her Sunday nights filled with Downton AbbeyNicolle said Sunday nights used to be something to look forward to for her when Sex and the City was on the air.  Mario, who starred in Sex and the City, said the fact that the show is in reruns all the time on several channels is a little horrifying for him.  He said it’s uncomfortable to watch himself from 12 years ago on TV every day.  His favorite show that he misses is Friday Night Lights and he doesn’t even like football!  He said the show made him cry every episode.  Rosie said she’s heartbroken that this is the last season of one of her favorite shows; Parenthood.  Barbara said no matter what episode is on she will always watch a repeat of Law and Order or Modern Family.  Rosie said she feels the same way about The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Here’s a funny scene from Sex and the City starring Mario Cantone!

Cheer Up, Live Longer: Apparently, having a healthy heart depends on your outlook on life.  People who are optimists are twice as likely to have ideal heart health as pessimists.  But the hosts wondered, can you make yourself into an optimist?  Mario said, “If that’s true, I’ve got two days to live.”  Barbara said that’s because he’s a comedian and comedians aren’t always the most optimistic people.  Mario said it’s true.  His husband would say he’s a pretty pessimistic person to be around.  Rosie agreed with Barbara’s comment about comedians.  She said she has clinical depression that she takes medication for.  She said her battle with depression has been pretty good these past few years but when her depression arrives, it’s a very difficult thing for her to deal with.  Nicolle told Rosie she looks amazing but asked her if she made any changes for her mental health, like she did for her physical health, after her heart attack.  Rosie said she started studying Transcendental Meditation about 5 years ago.  (Watch the video of Rosie explaining TM below.)  Rosie said they have done studies on TM and it’s been found to increase your emotional health tremendously.  Mario said he practiced Buddhism for a period of time, which he finds similar to TM, and he said it helped him clear his mind.  Barbara said when they did a program about living to 100 they learned that centenarians were both optimistic in nature and were able to accept loss well.  She spoke about her interview with the Dalai Lama who told her that the purpose of life was “to be happy.”  He told her the way to be happy was to have compassion, be warm-hearted and to not be jealous.  She said she tried it for 3 weeks and she was so boring to be around!  Rosie once produced a musical Taboo and there’s a line in the show that always sticks with her.  It says, “Heaven and hell are right here on Earth, decided by your own free will.”  She really believes your thoughts create your reality.  Mario said for him, it’s sometimes hard to remember all his blessings and to stay positive but this week he’s doing really well.  Probably because he’s been at The View all week!  Mario told the ladies they’ve saved his life.  Nicolle wondered if the new frontier of heart health is to incorporate meditation into a wellness plan.

Watch Rosie explain Transcendental Meditation:

Make Love or Have Sex:  Glamour Magazine is asking readers if the term “making love” is sweet or cheesy.  Rosie doesn’t say “making love” she says “You wanna?” [then tilt head towards the bedroom and wink]  They also have a “code” in her house. If one of them lights a candle in the bedroom it means they’re interested in “making love.”  Nicolle thought that was so romantic!  For her it’s just a question of whether or not she or her husband have showered that day.  Mario said it also depends on the mood.  He likes to drop the F-bomb when he brings it up to his husband.  He said if he were to ask his husband to “make love” that would make him feel like “Loretta Young in 1938.”

Nicolle and Mario did a Centrum Silver commercial.

Rosie's Crafty URosie’s Crafty U: Rosie and Barbara did a little crafting together!  They made tinted and scented homemade soaps!  (see instructions below)  If you have a craft of your own that you would like to share with Rosie you can send it to them and they might feature it on the show!  Tweet your photos to @TheView and tag them with #RosiesCraftyU.  And while you’re at it, pick up Rosie’s Crafty U on Amazon, if you’d like!

Rosie ODonnell Barbara Walters

Homemade Soap Instructions:

What you will need:

Step 1: Cut the soap into smaller squares (or break apart) and put them into a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup (or microwave safe dish).
Step 2: Microwave dish with soap for 30 seconds. If soap is not completely melted, microwave for an additional 10 seconds.  Tip! Do not microwave the soap too long because it will cause it to boil and create bubbles in your finished product. 
Step 3: (optional) Add several drops of food coloring to tint your soap to the desired color.
Step 4: (optional) Add a few drops of your favorite aroma for a scented soap.
Step 5: Pour melted soap into each mold.
Step 6: Allow soap to cool and harden.  When the soap is completely cool pop each soap out of its mold and you have pretty smelling soap for your guests!  Or, perfect for a gift!


Girlfriends’ Guide: Bravo’s first scripted series called Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is being called “the new Sex and the City.”  Lisa Edelstein and Paul Adelstein joined the hosts to discuss the new series!  Lisa and Paul play a newly separated couple trying to figure out life after a broken marriage.  While Paul’s character already has a girlfriend Lisa’s is still trying to figure it out.  Mario loves that the women on the show are over 40 and look like real women look.  Lisa said it made her feel good when she first got the job, that she was told not to touch [have any plastic surgery on] her face.  She understands the pressure actors feel but said getting older as an actor gives you permission to be less perfect than you were when you were younger.  Paul apparently has some great sex scenes on the show!  But he said they aren’t particularly fun to shoot.  Lisa told the hosts that this is her favorite job she’s ever had.  She said she has a lot of creative input and she really gets to do a lot on the show because it is such a well-rounded character.  Lisa has a lot of nude scenes on the show and Barbara complimented her on what a great body she has.  Lisa thanked her tremendously for the compliment, but said she has to work at it.  She exercises and eats really well to maintain it.  At the same time, she said she has to permit herself to be her age and accept the fact that she’s not 25 anymore.  Gilfriend’s Guide to Divorce airs Tuesday nights at 10/9(c) on Bravo.  Don’t miss it!



YouTube Superstar Evan from EvanTubeHD:  Evan is a 9-year-old boy with more views on YouTube than Jay-Z and Madonna!  He is a professional toy reviewer and he joined Rosie to explain how he makes his family more than one million dollars a year on YouTube!  And he brought along his little sister Jillian, to assist.  He said the toy reviewing started as just a “family thing” but when people actually started watching his videos they decided to do more!  Rosie, Evan and Jillian reviewed Minecraft Legos, Kinetic Sand, an Anki Drive race car racing track, a lightup Razor Scooter, and a Razor Crazy Cart.  You can catch Evan on EvanTubeHD and watch him review toys!


Take a little time to enjoy The View!

written by Kelly Weist
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