January 13, 2015

Today Rosie and Nicolle were joined by guest co-hosts Naya Rivera, MSNBC anchorwoman Jodi Applegate, and Mario Cantone.  Whoopi is still out because of her injured back and Rosie P is rehearsing her Broadway show this month.

Fan By Association:  Last night Ohio State beat Oregon to win the national title in college football.  Jodi’s husband is in sports broadcasting so he stayed up late to watch the game.  She showed some adorable pictures of her kids.   The panel (mostly Rosie, Nicolle and Jodi) discussed motherhood and how motherhood, in general, can make it difficult to lose weight whether you give birth to the baby or adopt.  Naya stayed up late to watch the game and was happy Ohio beat Oregon.  Her brother, Michael Rivera, actually plays football for the Oakland Raiders.  Rosie asked if her other siblings are intimidated by their success.  Naya said her sister is actually a successful model and Rosie jokingly said, “Okay so you have a model, an actress and an NFL player in your family.  Your parents sucked.”


Rosie and Mario hanging out before the show!

Conspicuously Absent: The White House has now admitted that they should have sent a high profile official to Paris for the peace march.  The White House is citing security concerns as the reason but Rosie thinks all the other world leaders surely had security concerns too!   Nicolle defended the White House yesterday but thinks she was probably the only one who did.  Jodi feels like this is a story about “pictures and images” and when she saw the photo of the leaders arm in arm she wondered why the U.S. wasn’t represented.  Rosie said this incident is very symbolic of the way we [the U.S.] is perceived around the world.  We are often seen like we think we’re better than others, as if we make our own rules and that we’re not part of the world community.  And that thinking fosters a lot of negativity towards our nation and she believes the photo wasn’t helpful in combating those beliefs.  Nicolle thinks this incident was shocking because the White House, specifically this White House, has been good about getting the images they put out right.  At first she thought the President didn’t go because of a security concern but if all those other world leaders could remain secure she wondered why they couldn’t have done it for Obama too.

Better Late Than Never:  The winners of yesterday’s Mega Millions jackpot have just revealed themselves.  The winners are an 80-year-old retired New York principal and his wife.  They opted for the lump sum which comes to $130 million after taxes.  Rosie wanted to know if anyone has ever watched the show The Lottery Changed My Life and seen the many stories of people whose lives have been ruined after they won so much money.  Mario compared it to people getting overnight fame and said some people just can’t handle it.  He said people come out of the woodwork and start asking you for money.  Rosie agreed.  She said people have even asked her for money through Twitter.  She said she understands, because these are hard times, but she said no one, not even a celebrity, has a magic wand to fix your life.


Rosie and guest co-host Jodi Applegate

Swim For Your Life/Shower Talk: Ex-football player Rob Conrad just held a press conference recounting an incident last week where he fell off his fishing boat off the coast of Florida and had to swim to the shore for 16 hours through shark-infested waters.  Mario said, “He’s not an ex-Dolphin, he’s a dolphin!”  They all agreed what an amazing story it was.  Jodi said she heard Rob’s wife say it was like he was swimming with his daughters, his angels, on his back and that’s what got him through it.  Nicolle said she’s afraid about what’s in ocean water and Rosie joked that they’re going to have to do a show all about Nicolle facing her fears one day.  Rosie had always had an image that Republicans had control over both the world as well as their internal emotions and it shocks her whenever she hears the list of things Nicolle is afraid of.  Nicolle got embarrassed because Rosie made fun of her for showering 3 times a day.  She defended herself saying she showers once in the morning, once after the show to remove the self-tanner they put on her for The View and once before she goes to bed to remove all the dirt and grime from just being a mom.  Rosie made a funny, side-eye face in Nicolle’s direction.  Naya said she was going to go out on a limb and state that white people shower a lot more than ethnic people.  She said showering more than once a day, or every day, is “such a white people thing.”  She said dermatologists say you should only shower once or twice every three days.  Then, if that’s the rule, Mario said he wants a bidet!



Josh Gad walks out to warm hugs from Rosie!

Josh Gad:
 The adorably funny Josh Gad, the voice of the character Olaf in Frozen, is now starring in a new comedy The Wedding Ringer, as a groom-to-be who calls in a pro to help him with his wedding party.  Josh said he’s really good friends with Kevin Hart with whom he filmed the movie and he joked that sometimes that can be a “problem.”  He said Kevin likes to have a lot of fun and while they’ve been promoting the film they’ve gotten into some trouble together (some fun that’s not appropriate for daytime TV).  They even crashed a wedding together!  Josh described the film as a bro-mance, with enormous heart, about friends who go on a journey together.  Mario said the first time he ever saw Josh act was when he played Elder Cunningham in Book of Mormon on Broadway.  Mario said it was the, “Greatest comedic performance he has ever seen!”   Rosie also loved Josh in Book of Mormon, as well as in the play The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling BeeJosh said he always dreamt of being on Broadway and for him that was his ultimate goal.


Here’s a little clip of Josh Gad in Book of Mormon!


Rosie and Josh playing the Frozen game

Rosie realllllly wanted to talk to Josh about Frozen.  She said she likes Frozen so much she’s even been thinking about getting an Olaf tattoo! So, Rosie and Josh played a little game to see who knows Olaf better!  During the game, So You Think You Know Olaf, each contestant (Rosie and Josh)  had to see who could complete the Olaf dialogue from movie.  They played a clip from the movie and the contestant had to buzz in if they thought they could complete the line.  And ROSIE WON!


Josh Gad and Rosie!


Ioan Gruffudd: On the hit series Forever, Ioan Gruffudd stars as a brilliant medical examiner with a big secret.  Ioan said his character is secretly hiding that he’s immortal and has lived for 237 years.  Ioan talked about his role in the film Titanic and about how when he was just 13-years-old he was already an accomplished singer!  He and Naya know each other because he was in an episode of Glee.  Ioan grew up admiring stars like Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Leonardo Dicaprio and Ewan McGregor.  They talked about his Welsh heritage and how difficult Welsh town names can be for Americans to pronounce.  The hosts asked Ioan to pronounce some Welsh town names that look almost impossible and he did it with ease.  Forever airs tonight at 10/9(c) on ABC!  Don’t miss it!

YouTube Stars: All week long The View has been saluting YouTube superstars and today they honored 10-year-old cookie mogul Cory Nieves, creator of Mr. Cory’s Cookies.  Cory said he got into the cookie business because at first he just wanted to buy his mom a car.  Then he started doing it to save money for college and hopes to attend Princeton someday.  He said the secret ingredient in his cookies is LOVE and they made some cookies together on the show.


Rosie, Nicolle and Cory from Mr. Cory’s Cookies!


Audience Gift: Everyone in the audience got a singalong copy of Frozen Sing A Long Edition.


Take a little time and enjoy The View!


written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions