From Dawn – through Kelly W


Friday February 7th was a life changing day for me. I saw that Rosie was going to be back on the view and I made it a point to watch. I missed part of it so I went on the website and watched each segment. I was particularly interested in the segment where she spoke on her heart attack…I lost my father in 1985 to what is termed “the widow maker” and the fact she beat it made me very happy.

Later on that night, after dinner, I was watching tv with my boyfriend when I noticed I wasn’t feeling very well. Tightness, kind of resembling gas, in my chest. Didn’t think much about it until it felt like it was radiating to my back. That’s when I realized I had been having left arm pain for a couple weeks and it felt worse too. Again I had dismissed the arm pain to the fact I carry an extremely heavy computer bag and purse, to and from work.

When I started thinking about what was happening I went on webMd and researched heart attack symptoms in women. While I was on the site I noticed that I had half the signs. I was still not admitting what was happening. My daughter had even said, “mom, you really ought to think about going on to the hospital!” So, being the stubborn person I am, I got in the shower thinking it would make me feel better. As soon as I got out, the nausea hit and I remembered what Rosie had said… I told my boyfriend to take me to the ER NOW.

They hooked me up and did all the tests but nothing was definitive showing I’d had a heart attack but they said they still couldn’t rule it out and asked me to stay for a stress test the following morning. I almost blew it off and started to tell them I would just go on home, but her words had stuck with me. Something was wrong! I needed to know what it was. The answer came after my blood test…the enzyme your body produces after a heart attack showed significant and they promptly cancelled my stress test and scheduled a heart cath.

On Monday February 10th the cath showed 90 percent blockage on one and 68 percent on another. The one with 90 percent had already started making its own bypass. They put in a stent while they were already in there and I went to recovery. 6 hours after the procedure they were taking the sheath out of my leg and it started to bleed. I was losing a lot of blood. I also developed a HUGE hematoma around the site. That is when the 2nd attack happened. I was short of breath…like someone was sitting on my chest. I got so hot they turned the air down to 50 something and my mother stood over me fanning me. I remember telling them “OMG I’m gonna vomit!!” The next thing I knew there were 5 nurses working on me trying to stop the blood and get the hematoma to stop growing. The blood finally stopped and the hematoma broke up…12 hours after the procedure I was finally improving.

My doctor came in the next morning, Tuesday the 11th, and told me that the enzyme had spiked in my blood again (that’s when I had verification on the 2nd attack). He said it was minor and it was where he had opened the blocked artery and the branch that had been developing was now deprived. I went home later that night and have been recovering there since.

I totally believe it was divine intervention that I knew I needed to watch her that day. Someone somewhere knew I needed that information. I know Rosie gets a ton of flack form a lot of people, but like her or hate her, she knows what she’s talking about and SHE helped save my life that day and for that I will always be grateful.

Thankful for Rosie…