December 9, 2014

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The ladies of The View were joined by their guest co-host of the day, the host of ESPN’s sports nation, Michelle Beadle

Royal Invasion: Prince William and Princess Kate visited many sites all over NYC yesterday.  Rosie P was so excited that they visited Brooklyn!  She also loved the peaceful police and protester interaction outside the Barclay Center.  The ladies showed pictures of the royal couple with our “Queen B.” (Beyonce) and our King (Lebron James).  Nicolle loves Lebron and she said she was happy when he made the decision to go to Miami.  He is also getting a lot of attention this morning for wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” shirtMichelle said whether you’re a fan of Lebron or not, he’s never been afraid to speak his mind politically.  Whoopi said she thinks any kind of protest is a good thing.  Rosie O has tremendous respect for Lebron and all the other athletes who are brave enough to wear the “I Can’t Breathe” shirts as a protest.   Princess Kate also visited a school in Harlem where a student thought she looked like Elsa’s sister from the film Frozen!  Rosie O saw absolutely no problem with this confusion but Frozen, in general, pisses Whoopi off.  She couldn’t find anything but Frozen related stuff in the stores when she was at Disney recently and she wasn’t happy about it!  Nor did she think it was fair to little boys.

Controversial CIA Report: The CIA is set to release a report of their interrogation tactics in the War of Terror.  Whoopi doesn’t mind that it comes out but she doesn’t think the holiday season is the right time to release it.  Nicolle said the program has been over since George W. Bush left office and it was only used on 3 suspected terrorists.  She wondered why it is being released now.  It has become very political which she thinks is sad because in 2008 both candidates were against these “enhanced interrogation techniques.”  Rosie P said, “You mean torture.  It’s an issue of torture.”  Nicolle said a lot of people in this country believe the government has an obligation to do whatever it takes to stop another imminent attack.  She said the program was put in place months after 9/11 and it hasn’t been used in more than a decade.  She said the people who used it were government workers operating in very dangerous parts of the world in order to keep us safe.  Michelle wanted to know what the purpose was in releasing the report today and Rosie O responded, “Transparency.”  Rosie O thinks it’s being released now so that Americans can know what their tax dollars were spent on and we can all have the discussion on whether or not these values are American values.   And also discuss whether or not we, as a society, condemn torture of other human beings.  She for one, is against torture in every aspect.  Nicolle said, “And that’s why the program is over.”  She said that debate has been had and because of it, the program is no more.  Rosie P thinks a lot of Americans feel the same way and she was really surprised when Senator John McCain spoke against the torture.  Rosie P said the torturing didn’t provide any benefit to the government.  Nicolle said the CIA denies that and defends the program and even John McCain has said in the past that a president should have the prerogative to do whatever it takes [to protect this country].  Whoopi understands people want this information but wondered why we need it two weeks before Christmas.  She thinks it puts folks at risk all around the world.

Sidebar:  Rosie P praised Michelle for a moment.  She said as a sports fanatic she loves Michelle because she’s so highly respected in her field and how happy she was sitting next to Michelle at the table.  Michelle was touched by Rosie P’s comments!  Rosie O told the audience who Michelle’s boyfriend is.  His name is Steve Kazee and he starred in Once the musical on Broadway.  She recommended that everyone get the soundtrack because of how amazing it is.

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations:  Last night 6 women united for an interview on CNN.  Rosie P called it “disturbing” to watch.  And Rosie O called the interview “very intense” and pointed out that none of the women received any money from Cosby or wanted any money.  They just wanted justice and one woman said she would like his awards taken away.  Rosie O didn’t think taking away your Emmy awards was the appropriate punishment for possibly drugging and raping up to 26 women.  Nicolle wanted to know if any of the women are within the statute of limitations to press charges.  And Rosie O said they are not except for one who was allegedly underage at the time of the incident.  That woman said she was drugged and raped when she was just 15 years old at the Playboy Mansion.  Michelle wanted to know what these women were trying to gain in coming forward.  She sees no benefit for them other than justice.   Rosie P agreed.  She said the women just want justice.  She said if you have been raped it stays with you for the rest of your life.  In her opinion, they just want to have their voices heard.  Rosie O agreed and said the women want to take back their power.  She said when you have been the victim of rape or child molestation you want the perpetrator to be held accountable for shattering your perspective of the world and making life as if you’re looking through a “broken mirror.” Whoopi said when you’re the person who has been accused and you are innocent, like the Duke lacrosse players, their lives are also shattered.  Whoopi reiterated that she wants as much information as she can get when an accused rape victim steps forward because she sees no winners.   As a grandmother of a son, she said she wants to be sure before she can believe a rape victim especially because there have been so many instances of false allegations.  Rosie O asked Whoopi,  “What would be the number that would make you think…maybe it’s true?  One hundred?  How many women would have to say it?”  Whoopi said for her it’s not about what people say.  People can say anything.  For her she wants to be more sure.  She said we must “demand the truth be told not just accept what’s being said here.”  And if it is true, we need to get him for it.  But she cannot just take their word.  Rosie O said she might agree with Whoopi if it were one or two women who have come forward, but 26 women is enough evidence for her to believe he was up to something.  And she fears we could be talking about a hundred women when it’s all over.  She said Cosby has settled many cases where there is a gag order in place and the victims are not allowed to speak.  Nicolle said that Bill Cosby did speak out about the accusations last night and called them “old and discredited.”  She said Cosby has answered the accusations against him by denying them.

Pardon My Behavior: Mark Wahlberg believes he should be pardoned for crimes he committed when he was a minor.  He claims it will inspire children to turn their lives around and allow him to become a reserve officer.  Michelle explained that Mark was charged with felony assault and he partially blinded one of the victims.  She’s all about second chances but she doesn’t think because you’ve made a good life for yourself you can just erase your past.  She thinks part of Mark’s punishment for half-blinding a man should be that he doesn’t get to become a reserve police officer.  But Rosie P pointed out that he committed the crime as a minor and she thinks that should be taken into consideration for every kid who has made a wrong decision and is trying to turn their life around.  Nicolle said every governor has the power to pardon and this is exactly what they look for – a person who has contributed to society following a crime but now Michelle has actually changed her mind.  She agreed that Wahlberg has a great life but may not get to do everything he wants because of decisions he’s made in the past.  Whoopi said for her, as one who has many skeletons in her closet, she believes you live and learn.  She’s proud of him for admitting who he was because he is no longer that person today.  Whoopi forgives Mark.  Rosie O said Mark had a lot of tattoos (bad tattoos) and took all of his children with him when he got them removed, which is a terribly painful process.  She thought that was fascinating and great parenting.

Women Rise Above It: Rosie P explained that last week she partnered with Pine Sol for a campaign for women.  The campaign shines a spotlight on courageous women who have overcome messes in their own lives and go a step further by helping other women in their community.  As part of the campaign, Pine Sol created a unique online mentorship platform so women from across the country can help by bringing their knowledge and counsel to help other women.  For more information go to



Wayne Brady & Rosie

Wayne Brady: Wayne Brady, who is about to host the BET Honors, joined the ladies of The View to discuss this year’s nominees!  This year they’re honoring Kanye West for the Visionary Award, Usher for The Musical Arts Award, Phylicia Rashad for The Theatrical Award, John W. Thompson for the Technology and Business Award, and Johnnetta B. Cole for The Education Award.  Wayne explained that the BET award show honors the best and brightest of the black community and he’s happy to be hosting again for his second year.  Rosie P said the BET awards are her favorite award show to watch.  She called it “organic,” said it’s all about the people, and she hopes everyone tunes in.  Whoopi said the BET Honors gives you an awareness of all the wonderful contributions black people are making in the world.  Wayne asked people to watch it because of what it represents and with everything happening in this country right now.  He thinks we need to take a minute to check ourselves.  He said 50 years ago we wouldn’t be on this stage having this conversation and he thinks it’s important to look out for each other, accept our differences and yet realize how alike we truly are.  Rosie P said it’s also important to realize that people who are not of color appreciate us too.  The BET honors airs February 23rd on BET.


Rosie and the stars of Aladdin on Broadway!

Aladdin on Broadway: Broadway actors James Monroe Iglehart and Adam Jacobs from Aladdin on Broadway came to The View to talk about an amazing special they’re a part of entitled Backstage with Disney on Broadway!   Backstage with Disney is a one hour special that features all the Disney Broadway shows, from a backstage perspective.  The audience will get to see how some of the magic works behind the scenes.  They performed a medley from the Broadway show Aladdin for the audience.  You can catch Backstage with Disney on Broadway Sunday, December 14th at 7pm on ABC!

Audience Gift: Everyone in the studio audience received a copy of the Broadway cast album of Aladdin!

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