December 19, 2014

The Rosie’s Theater Kids opened the show today with a fantastic rendition of the song Let It Shine!


Rosie O explained the Rosie’s Theater Kids program to the audience.  She called them “some of the most talented public school kids in New York City!”  She said the program reaches out to all of the 5th grade classrooms and the kids who are enthusiastic about theater can stay in the program all the way through college.  Rosie O said the kids are dedicated, fun and loving and they are “rehearsing for life.”  The program isn’t just about learning a life of theater and performing, the students are learning about being part of a loving community.  They are learning to participate in life and how to succeed so that “we all rise together.”  You can find out more about this amazing program by going to Also, don’t forget to like Rosie’s Theater Kids on Facebook!

NBA Triple Header on Christmas Day:  All The View hosts were dressed in their finest NBA gear in honor of the NBA triple-header on Christmas day!  Rosie O was wearing Dwayne Wade’s jersey.  Rosie P was representing the Brooklyn Nets in a Brooklyn Nets sweater with a New York Knicks jersey taped to the back, so she could represent both.  Nicolle wore a Lebron James jersey and Whoopi was wearing a New York Knicks sweater.  Rosie O said her son Blake is especially excited about the games on Christmas day because of the limited release jerseys.

Holidazed:  A recent survey found that only 8% of people consider the real meaning of Christmas to be the birth of Jesus.  Rosie P said that’s why everyone must watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas every year!

The December Dilemma: Schools today are struggling with how much Christmas should be in the classroom.  A school in Massachusetts just pulled Santa from their holiday pageant after a parent complained.  Nicolle said when she went to school they celebrated all the December holidays for each of the religions that were represented.  Whoopi wondered when Kwanza began.  Rosie O thought she first heard about Kwanza sometime in the mid-1980s.  Rosie P understood that the school was trying to give equal opportunity to each of the holidays but she said this is America, and she thinks they should honor each of the holidays in the schools.  She doesn’t see it as just a religious issue but a cultural one of importance.  Rosie O has a friend who took her 6-year-old son to Christmas Mass last year.  The child sometimes has a problem using his “inside voice” and at a quiet moment during the service he asked loudly, “Mommy, who’s that guy on the T?”  Her friend was horrified!!!    Whoopi said people don’t remember that kids don’t automatically know what our religious traditions are all about.  And Rosie P said that’s why she thinks religions should be taught in school.  Nicolle believes New York City is wonderfully diverse, but not everyone around the country gets the opportunity to learn about other faiths like they do in the city.  She thinks it’s beautiful when a child learns and enjoys what the other religions celebrate as their holidays.

Viral Video: Two little kids who were truly thankful for what they unwrapped, whatever it was.

The Tipping Point:  Everyone agreed that service people should be tipped but the question was, “How much?”  Rosie O said she tips all the service people in her life but she admitted, for her it’s very difficult to determine where to draw the line.  She said she always ends up overdoing it.  Rosie P said Latin people celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve but they also have Three Kings Day in January when they need to give gifts.

Viral Video: People are finding interesting ways to get into the holiday spirit like the anonymous person who enlisted police to pull over people and surprise them with money instead of a ticket.  Watch the video here.  Just then, Mario Cantone surprised the ladies of The View with gifts to share from Retail Me Not!


Mario Cantone joins The View for a surprise!



Marjorie Johnson:  Marjorie Johnson, one of Rosie’s friends for the past 18 years, joined Rosie O for some holiday cooking!  She spoke to Rosie O about how proud she was of her that she’s finally getting healthy!  Rosie O said it only took her 18 years to finally take Marjorie’s advice.  Marjorie sadly lost her husband of 67 years last year but said she he is still always with her.  Together, Rosie O and Marjorie made candy cane cookies from her cookbook Blue Ribbon Baking.     They talked a little bit about what they’re each going to be doing over the holidays.  Marjorie said she’s going to her daughter’s house for Christmas to spend the holiday with her daughter and two of her grandchildren.  She said all of the people in her family are good bakers because she taught them when they were very little.  Marjorie sends Rosie O cookies every year with a note that says ,”Rosie, please eat only one.”  She said that’s the secret to not gaining weight!  Rosie O gave her a phone as a gift from The View.


Mikie Russo: Event planner and star of Mikie Saves the Date, Mikey Russo, joined Nicolle and Rosie P to teach them quick, easy and inexpensive ways to decorate this holiday season.  They made balloon ornaments, beautiful candy cane flower arrangements, ribbon chair decorations and a “Frozie Rosie” Frozen-inspired beverage. Check out Mikie Saves the Date premiering in January and his website here.

Mario Cantone: Mario Cantone did a hilarious comedy stand-up routine about the movie Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer celebrating its 50th year anniversary.  He also sang the song Holly Jolly Christmas for the audience!

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the studio audience received a $100 gift card from Retail Me Not and a LG G3 smartphone!!


Happy Holidays from Rosie’s Theater Kids, Rosie and The View!

GMA’s Robin Roberts will host Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration on Christmas morning at 10am EST on ABC!  Don’t miss it!

Take a little time and enjoy The View and the holidays!

written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions