December 12, 2014

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Rosie crafting during Hot Topics!

The ladies of The View were so delighted to have the legendary View creator Barbara Walters join them at the table as co-host for the day!!   She remarked how proud she was of the women on the show and that it has lasted for all these years.  Barbara said she still watches the show every day!  As they were sitting at the table Rosie O was decorating a holiday ornament for Barbara Walters and she was going to teach Barbara how to make one herself during the craft segment later on during the show.

Barbara’s 10 Most Fascinating People: Barbara and the women discussed her list of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014.  She even brought along some sneak peeks for the audience!   Barbara thinks this is one of the best lists they’ve ever had.  The list includes people like Scarlett Johasnson, Neil Patrick Harris, David Koch (the 6th richest man in the world), Chelsea Handler, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Strahan, and Taylor Swift.  Barbara wouldn’t reveal who THE most fascinating person was but she said they would never be able to guess it either!  The 10 Most Fascinating People airs this Sunday at 9(8)c on ABC.

Word Association With Barbara:  The ladies played a game with BarbaraRosie O named some of the people Barbara has interviewed over the years and she was supposed to say the first word that popped in her mind.

The list went like this:
Fidel Castro: whom she called “charismatic.”
Anwar Sadat: She referred to him as one of the “greatest people” she’s ever met.
Richard Nixon: She called him “constipated.”  (LOL!!)  Not physically. She said he was just extremely difficult to interview.
Warren Beatty: She said he was “the worst interview ever!”   She said Warren is brilliant but the worst interview.
John Wayne: She didn’t exactly answer the question but she said when she was failing at the beginning of her career she received a telegram once from John Wayne that read, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” And she will never forget it.
Hillary Clinton: Barbara referred to her as “history-making, remarkable and terrific.”
Christopher Reeve: She called him “inspirational.”


The Women of The View with the one and only Barbara Walters


How Soon Is Too Soon: A woman wrote an online advice column wanting to know how soon is too soon to ask a recently widowed man out on a date  Barbara, unfortunately, has had this experience!!  She sighed and said a man she knew was married for more than 50 years and then his wife passed away.  About three months after his wife died, she and the man were leaving their building at the same time and she invited him to breakfast one morning.  He looked at her and simply said, “Too soon.”   Nicolle admired her courage!  And she thought breakfast was a great idea.  Rosie O agreed and called going out for breakfast very innocent!  But Whoopi wasn’t too sure.  She thought breakfast wasn’t as innocent as it sounded.  About three years ago, Whoopi knew a man whose wife died and she invited him out.  She was worried about him and wanted to get him out as a participant in life again because he was just sitting around and she was worried about him.  But she went out with him and she said she was bored out of her mind!


Barbara Walters and Rosie chatting backstage

How Low Can You Go:  For the first time ever, Amazon is adding a feature that will allow online shoppers to haggle over the price of the products being sold.  Barbara admitted to haggling but said she ends up feeling so guilty about getting a lower price for the product she ends up paying more for the item anyway.  Out of pure guilt!  Rosie P brings her family with her when it’s time to bargain shop because she’s terrible at it.  But she said her sister Carmen is “fierce” at haggling.  Nicolle told a story about going on her honeymoon to Turkey and her husband  haggling with the vendors over rugs.  She said it mortified her and she just wanted him to pay what they were asking.  Rosie O hates getting a car because she hates to haggle. And, as a side note, she said every car she’s ever liked is on the Ugliest Car List.   When she was young she had an AMC Pacer and a Gremlin, which she thought were the greatest cars.  Now she’s getting a new Ford Flex and she’s very excited!  However, she makes her brother Timmy haggle over the car price for her because she feels too guilty doing it herself.

Does An Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex: A new study of over 4,000 couples found that when men do more housework they actually get less sex from their partners.  So apparently, helping out with the chores seems to be a turnoff.  But Rosie P said, “When her husband does housework he gets some!”  Nicolle agreed.  She likes it when her husband makes an effort to do things around the house.  Whoopi feels like the men live in the house too so why wouldn’t they help do the housework?!  She did admit that she’s NOT married and that may be one of the reasons why.

Tales of a Hypochondriac:  Nicolle gets a mammogram every fall and this September she missed her annual appointment because of her new job on The View.  She said she laid in bed Monday night sure she was dying of breast cancer since she didn’t get her annual screening.  She was already planning whether or not she would like her husband to get remarried after she dies.  Barbara said Nicolle is not the only one.  She told a story about a man who went to his doctor and was told he only had 24 hours to live.  He went home and told his wife he only had 24 hours to live so she asked him what he would like to do with his final day on Earth.  He said he wanted to take a carriage ride through the park, go to the best restaurant in town, and then go home and make love until morning.  And she said, “That’s easy for you to say you don’t have to get up in the morning!”  Ha ha, everyone laughed and applauded.

Getting Crafty With Rosie:  Rosie O and Barbara got together to craft again!  They showed clips from the time they crafted together on The View in 2006.  This year, they designed homemade snow globes, a yarn bowl for holiday treats, and decorated ornaments for your Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush.   


Barbara Walters & Rosie craft together


Walmart’s Last Minute Gift Ideas: If you haven’t even put a dent in your Christmas shopping, no worries!  A Walmart lifestyle expert joined Nicolle to show the audience some great gift ideas for everybody on your shopping list.  The gift ideas including pajamas, the 2014 Holiday Barbie, character themed scooters and helmets, the Keurig K300, the Fitbit Flex, and the iPhone 5C.

Beyonce’s Platinum Deluxe Edition Box Set: Beyonce’s platinum deluxe edition box set, a two CD limited edition package with brand new songs, special guest stars, live concert videos and a ton of other special features, just hit the stores.  You have a chance to win a box set personally autographed by Beyonce herself plus a boatload of Beyonce swag.  Find out sweepstakes details by following The View on Twitter HERE.

Audience Gift: Members of the studio audience went home with a scooter and helmet, the holiday Barbie, the Fitbit Flex, the Keurig K300, the iPhone 5C and a Beyonce Platinum Deluxe Edition box set!

Take a little time to enjoy The View.

written by Kelly Weist
KidRo Productions