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January 20, 2015

Rosie-Odonnell-SkeletonWhoopi’s Back:  Whoopi rejoined the hosts at the table after almost a month off due to an injured back.  Her favorite band Vintage Trouble was there to celebrate her return!  She explained to the audience that her back pain came from a herniated bulging disc that may have been aggravated by sitting incorrectly.  Dr. Richard Besser sat down with the ladies to explain Whoopi’s back issues using a skeleton as a visual aid.  He taught a lesson in back anatomy and reminded everyone how important it is that the furniture we sit in fits our bodies correctly.  He said for the furniture to fit us, our legs have to reach the ground and be at 90 degree angle.  Because of this, ABC has bought the panel all new chairs!  Whoopi said, “If you are starting to have issues with your back, pay attention!”  And actress Regina Hall joined the ladies at the table to discuss today’s hottest topics!

Hot Topics:

American Sniper:  American Sniper broke box office records this weekend raking in over $105 million dollars!  Some celebs are taking some heat for their comments about the film.  Seth Rogen compared the film to “Nazi propaganda” and Michael Moore said he was taught that “snipers are cowards and invaders.”  Whoopi said, “Opinions are like buttholes, everyone’s got one.” She said the filmmakers had the right to make the movie they wanted to, just like Seth and Michael are allowed to make the movies they want to.  Nicolle said that soldiers die so that people like Michael and Seth can say this kind of thing.  Rosie reminded Nicolle that “democracy demands dissent” and she thinks it is a valid criticism to say that PTSD is not as thoroughly represented in the film as it could have been.  Although Nicolle agreed with that criticism about how PTSD was not presented, she did not agree with what Rogen and Moore were saying.  In her view, they were calling our soldiers Nazis and she thinks the military should boycott Seth Rogen’s “crappy” movies. Whoopi again said everyone has the right to their opinion, but as filmmakers and creative people, they don’t have the right to put your art down.  Directing her comments to Rogen and Moore, Whoopi said, “Until the bombs are exploding around you and people are dying around you, you need to be a little more sensitive, dudes.”

Rosie-ODonnell-Regina-HallThe Comeback: The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl bound and Rosie’s son Blake is a HUGE fan of the Green Bay Packers (as are his mom Kelli and her wife Anne). When it looked like the Packers were about to win, with 2 minutes left in the game, Rosie purchased four Super bowl tickets and 4 plane tickets to Phoenix.  Minutes later, Blake texted her and said, “Crap.”  But she said, “Too bad! You’re going!”  And now she has four tickets to go to a game between two teams no one in her house likes. Nicolle called her a good mom.  Rosie said Blake was heartbroken over the loss.  Whoopi thinks that people have forgotten how to lose.  Regina reminded everyone that one team always has to lose and said, “It’s called life.”

The Agony of Victory: A coach was recently suspended after his 161 – 2 win over an opposing team.  Some say he should have gone easier on the other team.  But Whoopi thinks if you don’t teach your kids to get better, they wind up mediocre.  Regina thought the other coach needed to be suspended because his team was only able to score 2 points.  She said he’s in the wrong profession.  Nicolle believed the win was a little excessive and perhaps the team that was in the lead should have given their players to the other side for some of the game.  Whoopi did not agree at all.   Regina, who knows what it is like to lose when it comes to auditions,  said she lost 100 auditions in a row and no one felt bad for her and offered her a role!  However, she IS starring in a new Lifetime movie this weekend entitled With this Ring. The movie is about friends who make a pact to marry within a year, no matter what.


Rosie-ODonnell-Kristen-ChenowethKristen Chenoweth: Kristin Chenoweth is currently starring in the animated movie Strange Magic and the new thriller The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez.   Kristen is also headed back to Broadway in On the Twentieth Century in a role first made famous by Madeline Kahn.  She said it is an incredibly challenging role but she’s enjoying it tremendously.  Her biggest regret in life is that she never met Madeline Kahn or Leonard Bernstein.  Rosie said after Madeline died, she got a thank you note from her.  Rosie had sent Madeline a gift because she heard she was ill and she received her thank you note back, after her death.  She said, “It was like a gift from heaven.”  Kristen named her dog Madeline Kahn!  She said she prefers dogs to men and doesn’t understand people who don’t like dogs!

Regarding The Boy Next Door, Kristen said she’s always wanted to be in a thriller!  She said J-Lo is very down-to-earth despite being a huge star and they really connected on the set.  She said, “I love her.”  In Strange Magic, which is a take on Midsummer Night’s Dream, Kristen plays the Sugar Plum Fairy.  The Boy Next Door opens in theaters this Friday, January 23!  Go see it!

Judith Light: Two time Emmy and Tony winner, Judith Light is starring in Transparent which just recently won the Golden Globe for best series.  She plays a woman whose ex-husband is transitioning from a man to a woman.   Rosie cannot say enough about the show Transparent, and she called it “brilliant.”  Judith said she is honored and proud to be a part of this show.  She said they were shocked when they won the Golden Globe because they weren’t expecting it!  It’s the first online show that has ever won a Golden Globe award.    Judith said the show is really about removing prejudice and honoring those who have transitioned and are brave enough to live in their truth.


Judith and her husband have been together for 30 years and she said the secret to her marriage is they talk about everything.  But she said they also have close friends whom they model themselves after who continue to inspire them with their own relationship.  Rosie said Judith inspires her in her “physical health, in her emotional growth, and in her Broadway performances.”  You can watch all 10 episodes of Transparent on Amazon Prime today!

The show closed to the rockin’ notes of  Vintage Trouble.

Take a little time to enjoy The View!


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January 19, 2015

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Today Rosie and Nicolle were joined by Mario Cantone, Naya Rivera and former Spice Girl and America’s Got Talent judge Mel BRosie Perez is still rehearsing her Broadway play and the Whoop-ster will be back tomorrow!

Rosie told Mel B what a fun time she had when she visited America’s Got Talent last year and performed a magic trick with Howard Stern and Mat Franco.  Watch the clip below!  Mel B said she loves being a judge on America’s Got Talent.  She called it a “nice, humble, family show.”

Hot Topics: 

To Tell the Truth:  The panel discussed how to handle it when a friend comments that they think they’re fat around you.  Research says it’s better to tell your friend they look great rather than pointing out a weight issue.  It turns out, agreeing with them won’t motivate them to lose weight.  Rosie said no heavy person has ever asked her if they look fat and she’s never asked anyone if they think she looks fat.  But every thin person she knows has asked her if she thinks they look fat!  In general, she thinks people in single-digit sized clothing shouldn’t ask if they look overweight.  Mario said this phenomenon is because people today are “weight obsessed.”  His best friend is a beautiful woman who is always commenting how fat she looks around him.  He said she looks magnificent and super thin, so much so that her abs are poking out!  Naya thinks people comment that they think they “look fat” because oftentimes they’re seeking a compliment.  Nicolle thinks the answer to the question, “Do I look fat?” should always be the same, that you look beautiful.  But Mel B believes your friends should be honest with you.  Nicolle thinks honesty is “totally overrated.”  That comment made Rosie laugh hysterically and she said, “Nicolle, you can’t leave me an opening like that!”  Nicolle clarified her comment and explained that she meant “honesty is totally overrated” when it comes to weight issues.  Naya has a friend who always comments on how fat she feels so Naya offers to go to the gym with her and the friend never takes her up on it.  She thinks her friend is just fishing for a compliment when she comments about her own weight.  Mario said the way he feels about his body differs from day-to-day.  And Mel B doesn’t like the “F” word, in general.

Nothing or Everything in Common: The hosts then discussed if they have a lot in common with their spouses.  Mel B said she doesn’t have a lot in common with her spouse but she likes him a lot!  Nicolle said she’s an extrovert and her husband is more of an introvert, but they learn from each other.  Mario believes in the “yin and the yang” in a relationship and said his husband “calms him down.”  Last night, Mario and his husband met Naya and her husband for dinner and she noticed a similarity between Mario’s relationship and hers.  She said she and Mario are very much the extroverts in their duos, while their spouses were the more grounded ones.  Rosie said she and her wife Michelle have taught each other a lot too.  She said Michelle has really helped Rosie realize more about her body because Michelle is very into her health.  And in turn, Rosie has helped Michelle out with her shyness.

Glitter-Bombed:  A member of the studio audience handed an envelope to Mario with a glitter-bomb in it!  Mario absolutely hated it.  He joked that it felt as bad as an “Anthrax attack” would.  Nicolle said there’s a company that delivers glitter-bombs on your behalf.  She called it a “potent political weapon.”  Several Republicans have been glitter-bombed for being anti-gay and Nicolle thinks it’s a “beautiful way to protest.”  She said, “If that’s the worst thing that happens to those politicians, they’re lucky.”

photos credit: Ida Astute

photo by Ida Astute

Special Delivery: Mel B’s eldest daughter wanted to be at the birth of her youngest, who is now 3-years-old.  Mel B allowed her daughter to be present as long as she promised to stay up by her head.  But during the birth, Mel’s daughter ended up witnessing the actual birth itself and it terrified her.  There’s a debate about whether kids should witness this type of thing and for Mel, she thought birth was a natural thing and therefore okay to experience even at a younger age.  Nicolle wanted her husband to be present at their son’s birth, but said she wanted him “north of the 50-yard-line.”  Naya agreed.  She said her mother told Naya her sex life was never the same after her father saw their children being born.  Nicolle said it took her 7 years to convince herself she wanted to have a baby after she saw the movie Knocked Up because of the birthing scene!  She was traumatized!  Rosie’s been to two births and she found it quite beautiful.   In fact, she said “it was the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen” in her life to “witness a human come out of another human.”

In Hindsight: There’s a new item available on Etsy entitled Rear Gear.  It’s an accessory you can put over your dogs’ butt to hide their butt-hole.  The tag line is “No more Mr. Brown Eye.”  Naya thinks it’s animal cruelty.  She wondered if it hurt the dog when they took it off, like pulling a Band-Aid off your arm.  She said, “If you don’t want to look at a dog’s butt-hole don’t get a fricking dog.”  Mario prefers a long-haired dog for this exact reason.


selmastarsThe Stars of Selma:  The movie Selma is a powerful depiction of Dr. King’s campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violence and hatred.  David Oyelowo (pictured just to the right of Ms. Winfrey), Carmen Ejogo (pictured far right) and Common (pictured just to the left of Ms. Winfrey) joined the hosts to discuss this important film.   David said the experience of playing Martin Luther King has been surreal for him.  He still cannot believe they were able to get the movie made and that he was able to play such an extraordinary human being.  David first read the script in 2007 and spent the next 7 years studying Dr. King.  He said his career has been a journey to come to this point.  He’s played a union soldier in the movie Lincoln, a preacher in The Help, the son of a butler in The Butler, and an African-American fighter pilot in Red Tails.  He said all of these roles have encompassed 150 years of what it is to be black in this country.  Carmen said there was much less available for her to study in order for her to learn about Coretta Scott King.  But what she learned was that Coretta was much more than a mom and a wife.  She was an academic, a singer, and an incredibly strong woman.  In Carmen’s opinion, it’s an even greater testament to her strength that Ms. King could remain serene and dignified while having to stay in the background.  David said Dr. King attributes his engagement with the civil rights movement to his wife.  He was on a path to become a preacher and Coretta grew up in Alabama where she experienced a lot of racism.  Common said he was very grateful to be a part of this film.  He said the film is much more than a movie, it’s a movement.  He said it has a lot of relevance with what’s going on right now in this country and the world.  Common plays James Bevel who contributed greatly towards King’s civil rights movement.  He said Selma is not only about Dr. King but also about all of the people who helped create change.  He said it’s about people refusing to accept civil rights not being adhered to and coming together with strategy, love and diligence in order to change the world.  Rosie watched the film  with her teens and her youngest said to her, “Mommy, this is still happening right now.”  Common said Selma is “like a blueprint” of what we can do to peacefully create progress and change.  Carmen said peaceful protest can work and have an impact that is policy changing.  Rosie called the film Selma “a beautiful and important film” and she hopes everyone sees it.  Selma is in theaters now!

photo by Ida Astute

photo by Ida Astute

Mara Schiavocampo: Like millions of people, ABC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo struggled with her weight .  In her new book Thinspired, Mara shares how she finally developed a healthy relationship with food which helped her lose 90 pounds!  It took her two years to lose the weight and she has maintained her weight loss for a year now.  One of the biggest things Mara learned was that she had to get her food under control so she developed a plan that focused 70% of her efforts on cleaning up her diet.  10% of her efforts were focused on getting more sleep, 10% were dedicated to exercise and 10% of her efforts were dedicated towards planning out her week.  Mara has been heavy her entire life and this was the first time she’s ever felt freedom over the demons of food.  As an overweight child, Mara said she was always blamed for being overweight and yet the people criticizing her were not leading by example.  She wanted to lead by example for her own daughter so she decided she had to make a change.

Mara said for her, she found there were some foods she could not eat in moderation.  Certain foods always sent her into a spiral, similar to an alcoholic.  The foods she had to eliminate were flour, dairy and wine.  They were addictive and she was abusing them.  She didn’t want to be a part of an abusive relationship anymore so now she only indulges in foods she has a good relationship with.  She reaches for cocoa-dusted almonds instead of M&Ms, cookies made with avocado instead of butter and marshmallows when she wants something sweet.  Marshmallows are just 20 calories and they’re made out of egg whites and sugar!  She also likes meringues, which are also just egg whites and sugar.    Mara loves to bake and she recommended using almond flour, apple sauce instead of oil, avocado instead of butter and dates instead of molasses.  Mara now focuses on purchasing fresh foods instead of packaged and processed foods.  Everyone in the audience received a copy of Mara’s book!

Lee Ann Womack: Lee Ann Womack’s latest album, The Way I’m Livin, has just been nominated for a Grammy!  Her husband produced the album with her and she’s about to start a tour.  You can find out more about her tour dates on her website here.  Lee Ann performed The Way I’m Livin for the audience.

photo by Ida Astute

photo by Ida Astute


Audience Giveaway: Members of the studio audience went home with a copy of Thinspired by Mara Schiavocampo and a copy of The Way I’m Livin by Lee Ann Womack.

photo by Ida Astute

See you Tuesday, Whoopi! (photo by Ida Astute)

Take a little time to enjoy The View!

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January 16, 2015

Today, Nicolle and Rosie were joined by guest co-hosts Mario Cantone and Barbara Walters!  Whoopi will be back on the show Tuesday, after suffering a very painful herniated disc in her back and Rosie Perez will return to the show at the end of the month when she’s done rehearsing her play.

Hot Topics:

Baby It’s Cold Outside:  It’s been freezing in New York this week and Rosie said she can’t get her kids to wear a coat!  She said they will only wear hoodies and she ends up feeling like an abusive mother when her kids go out in just a sweatshirt.  Mario said it’s all about fashion and he gets it.  Barbara commented on Nicolle’s bare legs!  Nicolle wasn’t wearing pantyhose or tights with her skirt today because she once wore tights recently to another TV show and they suggested she take them off.  Apparently, tights and hose are out!  Barbara said the other night on the Golden Globes, George Clooney’s wife wore white gloves and people are criticizing her for that.  Barbara thought she looked beautiful and said she would have worn gloves too if she had an awards show to go to.

On With the Show: The Showtime series Shameless has just started up again with a brand new season.  Rosie said she loves the family from the series so much she feels like they’re actually part of her family. She finds herself missing them when she hasn’t seen the show in a while.  Barbara’s favorite show is Downton Abbey.  She even skipped watching the Golden Globes on Sunday to watch it.  Rosie said she has this latest season of Downton Abbey on DVD and offered to give it to Barbara but Barbara politely declined.  She enjoys her Sunday nights filled with Downton AbbeyNicolle said Sunday nights used to be something to look forward to for her when Sex and the City was on the air.  Mario, who starred in Sex and the City, said the fact that the show is in reruns all the time on several channels is a little horrifying for him.  He said it’s uncomfortable to watch himself from 12 years ago on TV every day.  His favorite show that he misses is Friday Night Lights and he doesn’t even like football!  He said the show made him cry every episode.  Rosie said she’s heartbroken that this is the last season of one of her favorite shows; Parenthood.  Barbara said no matter what episode is on she will always watch a repeat of Law and Order or Modern Family.  Rosie said she feels the same way about The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Here’s a funny scene from Sex and the City starring Mario Cantone!

Cheer Up, Live Longer: Apparently, having a healthy heart depends on your outlook on life.  People who are optimists are twice as likely to have ideal heart health as pessimists.  But the hosts wondered, can you make yourself into an optimist?  Mario said, “If that’s true, I’ve got two days to live.”  Barbara said that’s because he’s a comedian and comedians aren’t always the most optimistic people.  Mario said it’s true.  His husband would say he’s a pretty pessimistic person to be around.  Rosie agreed with Barbara’s comment about comedians.  She said she has clinical depression that she takes medication for.  She said her battle with depression has been pretty good these past few years but when her depression arrives, it’s a very difficult thing for her to deal with.  Nicolle told Rosie she looks amazing but asked her if she made any changes for her mental health, like she did for her physical health, after her heart attack.  Rosie said she started studying Transcendental Meditation about 5 years ago.  (Watch the video of Rosie explaining TM below.)  Rosie said they have done studies on TM and it’s been found to increase your emotional health tremendously.  Mario said he practiced Buddhism for a period of time, which he finds similar to TM, and he said it helped him clear his mind.  Barbara said when they did a program about living to 100 they learned that centenarians were both optimistic in nature and were able to accept loss well.  She spoke about her interview with the Dalai Lama who told her that the purpose of life was “to be happy.”  He told her the way to be happy was to have compassion, be warm-hearted and to not be jealous.  She said she tried it for 3 weeks and she was so boring to be around!  Rosie once produced a musical Taboo and there’s a line in the show that always sticks with her.  It says, “Heaven and hell are right here on Earth, decided by your own free will.”  She really believes your thoughts create your reality.  Mario said for him, it’s sometimes hard to remember all his blessings and to stay positive but this week he’s doing really well.  Probably because he’s been at The View all week!  Mario told the ladies they’ve saved his life.  Nicolle wondered if the new frontier of heart health is to incorporate meditation into a wellness plan.

Watch Rosie explain Transcendental Meditation:

Make Love or Have Sex:  Glamour Magazine is asking readers if the term “making love” is sweet or cheesy.  Rosie doesn’t say “making love” she says “You wanna?” [then tilt head towards the bedroom and wink]  They also have a “code” in her house. If one of them lights a candle in the bedroom it means they’re interested in “making love.”  Nicolle thought that was so romantic!  For her it’s just a question of whether or not she or her husband have showered that day.  Mario said it also depends on the mood.  He likes to drop the F-bomb when he brings it up to his husband.  He said if he were to ask his husband to “make love” that would make him feel like “Loretta Young in 1938.”

Nicolle and Mario did a Centrum Silver commercial.

Rosie's Crafty URosie’s Crafty U: Rosie and Barbara did a little crafting together!  They made tinted and scented homemade soaps!  (see instructions below)  If you have a craft of your own that you would like to share with Rosie you can send it to them and they might feature it on the show!  Tweet your photos to @TheView and tag them with #RosiesCraftyU.  And while you’re at it, pick up Rosie’s Crafty U on Amazon, if you’d like!

Rosie ODonnell Barbara Walters

Homemade Soap Instructions:

What you will need:

Step 1: Cut the soap into smaller squares (or break apart) and put them into a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup (or microwave safe dish).
Step 2: Microwave dish with soap for 30 seconds. If soap is not completely melted, microwave for an additional 10 seconds.  Tip! Do not microwave the soap too long because it will cause it to boil and create bubbles in your finished product. 
Step 3: (optional) Add several drops of food coloring to tint your soap to the desired color.
Step 4: (optional) Add a few drops of your favorite aroma for a scented soap.
Step 5: Pour melted soap into each mold.
Step 6: Allow soap to cool and harden.  When the soap is completely cool pop each soap out of its mold and you have pretty smelling soap for your guests!  Or, perfect for a gift!


Girlfriends’ Guide: Bravo’s first scripted series called Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is being called “the new Sex and the City.”  Lisa Edelstein and Paul Adelstein joined the hosts to discuss the new series!  Lisa and Paul play a newly separated couple trying to figure out life after a broken marriage.  While Paul’s character already has a girlfriend Lisa’s is still trying to figure it out.  Mario loves that the women on the show are over 40 and look like real women look.  Lisa said it made her feel good when she first got the job, that she was told not to touch [have any plastic surgery on] her face.  She understands the pressure actors feel but said getting older as an actor gives you permission to be less perfect than you were when you were younger.  Paul apparently has some great sex scenes on the show!  But he said they aren’t particularly fun to shoot.  Lisa told the hosts that this is her favorite job she’s ever had.  She said she has a lot of creative input and she really gets to do a lot on the show because it is such a well-rounded character.  Lisa has a lot of nude scenes on the show and Barbara complimented her on what a great body she has.  Lisa thanked her tremendously for the compliment, but said she has to work at it.  She exercises and eats really well to maintain it.  At the same time, she said she has to permit herself to be her age and accept the fact that she’s not 25 anymore.  Gilfriend’s Guide to Divorce airs Tuesday nights at 10/9(c) on Bravo.  Don’t miss it!



YouTube Superstar Evan from EvanTubeHD:  Evan is a 9-year-old boy with more views on YouTube than Jay-Z and Madonna!  He is a professional toy reviewer and he joined Rosie to explain how he makes his family more than one million dollars a year on YouTube!  And he brought along his little sister Jillian, to assist.  He said the toy reviewing started as just a “family thing” but when people actually started watching his videos they decided to do more!  Rosie, Evan and Jillian reviewed Minecraft Legos, Kinetic Sand, an Anki Drive race car racing track, a lightup Razor Scooter, and a Razor Crazy Cart.  You can catch Evan on EvanTubeHD and watch him review toys!


Take a little time to enjoy The View!

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January 15, 2015

Today, Nicolle and Rosie were joined by guest co-hosts Naya Rivera, Mario Cantone and Funny or Die’s ‘Billy on the Street’Bill EichnerWhoopi will be back on Tuesday  (1/20).  She has been recovering from a very painful, herniated disc and Rosie Perez WILL BE BACK AT THE END OF THE MONTH when she’s done rehearsing her play Fish in the Dark (no matter what you read on the Internet).  Rosie said she read the rumor on the Internet last night that Perez was leaving the show and she was like “What the fuck?!”  Rosie said the rumor is NOT true,  Rosie P is coming back!

Hot topics:

Oscar Nominations:  The hosts discussed the Oscar nominations (and snubs).  Naya was really surprised that the film St. Vincent didn’t receive any nominations.  Rosie agreed.  Both Naya and Rosie sobbed when they saw the film.  Selma got nominated for Best Picture but the female Director did not get a nomination, which surprised some people.  It reminded Rosie when Yentl got nominated for Best Picture but Barbra Streisand was not nominated for Best Director.  She said it seemed a little sexist to her.  Mario said when Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple got nominated for 11 Academy Awards he didn’t get nominated for Best Director either.  Nicolle was very happy American Sniper got some nominations. She called it the “best and most important movie” she’s seen in a really long time.  She loved the film because of how it depicted the American solider as a complex individual who is both heartbroken and intelligent, not “either/or.”  She appreciated its depiction of the American solider who believes in protecting their homeland as well as trying to be a good husband and father.  She also thinks it’s an extraordinary piece of work because it was written by a soldier who wrote a book depicting his story but then was killed by a mentally ill veteran before the movie was ever made.  Rosie said many, many veterans come back from war with severe mental illness and they are not getting the treatment they need.  Nicolle recommended the book entitled Thank You for Your Service by David Finkel that is about the PTSD crisis in the military.  Rosie thought the film American Solider white-washed over the amount of PTSD the main character experienced.  Nicolle didn’t think the film did that but admitted she read the book the film was based on before she saw the movie so she may have conflated the two.


The entire panel was surprised Jennifer Aniston was snubbed for her work in the film CakeBilly said the nominees aren’t the most glamorous list of actors.  He’s not really looking forward to seeing what Robert Duvall is going to wear to the award show, for example.  He would have liked to see Jennifer Aniston there.   Rosie mentioned a scene in the movie The Judge where Robert Duvall’s character, who is getting older, has a bathroom accident and his son, played by Robert Downey, Jr., carries him into the shower.  She called it “the most beautiful scene.”  Naya would have also loved to see Angelina Jolie on the red carpet but she wasn’t nominated for Best Director for her film Unbroken.  And Mario mentioned how none of the actors in the movie Selma were nominated.  Billy was surprised The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Film.  Regarding documentaries, Rosie was happy Rory Kennedy was nominated for The Last Days in Vietnam, which Rosie thinks is, “one of the most profound documentaries ever made.”  She was sad that Glenn Campbell’s documentary I’ll Be Me was not nominated.  She said she watched it three times and, “It had me sobbing in my bed.”  She recommended everyone see it.

Billy-Eichner-Rosie-OdonnellMountain Do: Two mountain climbers were the first people ever to “free-climb” El Capitan.  Everyone thought the pictures of the climbers sleeping on the side of the mountain were terrifying.  Rosie thinks this should be punishment to prisoners!  Billy said, “That’s very North-Korean of you.”  She actually agreed but her point was that it seems more like a punishment than anything else.  Mario said he would have needed Depends, a puke bag, booze and pills to get through that experience.   Nicolle is from California and her mother was obsessed with camping.  She said a lot of people try this climb that mountain and never make it.  She knows what the climbers achieved was a huge accomplishment.  Rosie recommended Amazon Prime to see some of the great documentaries that have been released about climbing.

A brief Interruption: Justin Bieber just posted a new photo of himself on his Instagram because people were saying that he was airbrushed in the Calvin Klein adsBilly thinks he looks fine and doesn’t care if he was airbrushed or not.  He said everyone gets photo-shopped nowadays.  He thought it was much ado about nothing.  Nicolle said she wants to be photo-shopped to look like she has abs too and Rosie offered to to it for her!  Naya thinks Bieber is annoying to post a shirtless photo of himself. She said he looks like a “douchebag.”  And she said girls don’t want to date guys who are constantly looking at themselves in the mirror.  She said, “Go fix something in the house.  That’s hotter.”  Nicolle thinks Biebs is “a tool” and probably can’t fix anything in the house.  Mario just thinks he’s a child with a lot of money but doesn’t care much about talking about him so he wanted to move on.

Palin Doesn’t Give a Flip: Sarah Palin just said she doesn’t give a “flying flip” if a woman ends up in the White House and apparently less than a third of Americans care if there is a woman President in their lifetimes.  Billy said, “Why is she still talking?  Sarah Palin is like a sitcom that you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s still on the air?’”  Nicolle said Palin said she didn’t give a flip but then went on to say how great it would be if a woman threw her hat into the ring.  Nicolle said when Palin ran for Vice President she felt a real kinship with Hillary Clinton and what she’d been through.  But the lack of caring about a woman President troubled NicolleNicolle is “obsessed” with the idea of a woman President in her lifetime.  Of course, she would like her to be a Republican but women have to decide if it matters to have a woman in the job.  She said, “Look at Washington.  What are we going to do, screw it up?  Women should be given a chance!”  Mario said Palin reminds him of “Kathy Bates in Misery.”

I Don’t Want to See That:  This week’s episode of the HBO hit series Girls has actress Allison Williams in a graphic sex scene that everyone’s been talking about.  The actress admitted to watching the season premiere with her dad, Brian Williams!  Naya was “kind of appalled” because she said it looked like they were doing “it” for real.  She was sure there was no way they could have been “acting” that scene.  As a television actress, Naya said she always has her husband, her parents and her in-laws in mind when she chooses a role.  She said her choices aren’t all about her but they’re also about how they will affect the other people in her life.  She would feel uncomfortable knowing people saw her doing that. Here is a LINK to the scene.  Warning, it’s graphic. 

Rosie did a sex scene with the very handsome Julian McMahon on the series Nip/Tuck.  She said Julian wore a “cock-sock” and she laid on the bed in a tiny tube-top and bottoms.  She looked up and saw him standing with nothing else on but his “sock” and thought, “Oh my God, you look like Superman!”  She said it was very intimidating and there were tons of people around.  At one point, she had to take off her tube-top because you could see it in the shot, so she had to be topless!  Rosie said her kids watch a show called Skins and they pause it whenever she walks in the room.  They get very embarrassed when she’s in the room and a sex scene comes on.  Mario thinks Allison and her father must have a really great relationship to watch the scene like that together.  Nicolle can’t even watch a Cialis commercial or tampon ad with her parents in the room without feeling uncomfortable.

Here’s Rosie discussing her sex scene with Julian McMahon back on The View in 2006!


Marisa Tomei: Oscar winner Marisa Tomei, is the star and producer of the new movie entitled Loitering With Intent, where her country house getaway turns ugly.  This is the first movie she’s produced!  She said the two writers and fellow producers are friends of hers and they brought the script to her.  She spoke to the hosts about the film as well as her experience on Broadway in The Realistic JonesesMarisa said she loves doing theater and hopes to do it again.  She talked briefly about her Celine campaign where she doesn’t wear any makeup.  She typically finds photo-shoots tedious but she said the photo-shoot for Celine was a pleasure to do. Since it was Oscar nomination day, the hosts asked Marisa if she remembered anything from the day she won her Oscar.  She remembers the entire experience fondly but said she gets more nervous with every nomination.  Loitering With Intent premieres in theaters January 16th but you can see it on iTunes and Amazon today!



Amanda Peet:  Amanda stars in the new HBO series Togetherness as a single woman who has a tough time connecting with people sometimes.  Amanda said she’s obsessed with Nicolle because her best friend is Sarah Paulson, who played Nicolle in the movie Game Change.  Because of this, Amanda sort of feels like she already knows Nicolle.  Nicolle was as excited to meet Amanda as Amanda was to meet her.  In Togetherness, Amanda plays a woman who is a “hot mess” when it comes to dating.  Amanda described her character as “desperate” and someone who wears clothing that isn’t age appropriate.  Amanda told a hilarious story of how she met her husband, who is one of the co-creators of the hit show Game of Thrones.  Amanda and her husband met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend.  After the date, both of them thought it went well but they decided to prank the mutual friend by saying that David, her now husband, started crying during the date over his ex-girlfriend.  Amanda has a children’s book entitled Dear Santa, Love, Rachel Rosenstein that comes out later this year.  Catch Togetherness on Sunday nights at 9:30 on HBO.



Rosie gets to hold Amanda’s 5-week-old baby!

Teller-YouTube-StarYouTube Star: About a year ago, someone abandoned a spunky little puppy and he wandered the streets of Miami alone until he was picked up by a rescue shelter.  All that pent up energy turned him into a YouTube sensation as well as the star of the show Opening Night Critters at Busch Gardens, Tampa.  Teller, the rescue dog, performed some amazing tricks for the studio audience!  At the end of his performance he raised a banner that said, “Give rescue dogs a chance!”  Joel, Teller’s trainer and owner, joined Rosie and Naya to discuss Teller and how he found and trained him.  Joel said all the dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, rats, pigeons, etc. in the show are rescues.  You can catch Teller at Opening Night Critters at Busch Gardens, Tampa!


Take a little time and enjoy The View!

written by Kelly Weist
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January 14, 2015

Today, Nicolle and Rosie were joined by guest co-hosts Naya Rivera, Mario Cantone and ESPN College Football and game day reporter Samantha Ponder.  Rosie Perez is rehearsing her Broadway show this month and Whoopi is still recovering from a back injury.

Hot Topics:

Showered With Attention:  Samantha didn’t bring her baby with her to the show this morning like she did last time and this disappointed Rosie, tremendously.  Naya apparently sparked some controversy with a comment she made on yesterday’s show and wanted to clear up any confusion.  At first she made a comment about showering and she said she read a study that said you are supposed to shower once or twice every three days.  Then she said that ethnic people don’t shower as much as white people.  Naya apologized if anyone was offended by her comment but it was supposed to be a joke.  She is excited that it started a big conversation about how many times you should shower.  This was all said after Nicolle admitted to showering 3 times a day.  Nicolle said she received a lot of positive feedback from the OCD crowd who understood her need for multiple showers in a day.  Rosie read that doctors say you should take a bath every day but that skeeved out Samantha who said bathing is just like sitting in your own filth.  Naya read some of the funny tweets she received over the comment.


Beyonce What: Former Republican Governor Mike Huckabee went after the President and the First Lady for allowing their 16 and 13-year-old daughters to listen to artists like Beyonce, who he claimed is totally inappropriate for kids their age.  Mario doesn’t have children but remembered adults criticizing the lyrics to songs when he was a kid too.  But, he admitted, the raciest lyrics at the time were phrases like “afternoon delight” and now he thinks today’s lyrics are so much worse!  Naya said a lot of Beyonce’s lyrics are filled with innuendo.  Samantha said it’s a scary thing to criticize queen Beyonce in this country because people “take their Beyonce” very seriously.  However, she read some of Beyonce’s lyrics last night in preparation for this story and really isn’t sure if she’d be okay with her daughter singing along to them!  She doesn’t know though since her daughter is still just a baby.  Nicolle said Mike Huckabee is a really good guy and someone who typically makes the Republican party appear more thoughtful.  But, she continued, she believed this cultural battlefield is a minefield politically speaking.  She was immediately reminded of the movie Footloose and she said when you try to repress what 13 and 16-year-olds listen to, who they talk to or what music they dance to, it always backfires.  She said the more enlightened parents understand those situations are merely an opportunity to have a conversation with their kids.  Rosie said as a mother of teenagers, when her son connects his iphone to her speaker system in the car and then plays Lil’ Wayne (whom she thinks is very talented) she is also shocked when she hears the lyrics!  And that he knows all the words!  Nicolle thinks instead of criticizing the Obamas, Mike should have said something about knowing what our children are listening to and advising parents to use it as an opportunity for a conversation.  Samantha believes many people in this country see Beyonce as a role model and she wouldn’t want her daughter dancing or singing like Beyonce when she is 13-years-old.   Rosie, on the other hand, said if her 13-year-old daughter was dancing and singing like Beyonce she would turn into Abby Miller from Dance Moms!  She said she’d be the biggest stage mom ever!

Naya-Rivera-Rosie-ODonnell-Mario-Cantone-Samantha-PonderBoozy on The Bachelor:  There are always drinks flowing on ABC’s The Bachelor and this week one of the contestants named Jordan clearly didn’t know when to say whenRosie called it The Bachelor meets Intervention.  Jordan didn’t get a rose Monday night and she’s claiming she warned Producers that sometimes she can have a few too many but they kept offering her drinks.  Mario said this is what reality television is all about.  He said they give the booze out freely and then encourage the participants to just go!  Rosie pointed out that reality show participants are given the option to drink, they don’t have to.  They showed a few more scenes of Jordan being drunk out of her mind and Nicolle and Rosie think she most likely has a drinking problem.  Rosie said when you do a show like Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, they have drinks there too and if you don’t want one, you don’t have to take one.  Naya wonders if The Bachelor contestant was just nervous.  Samantha also said the show takes hours to shoot so they’re literally drinking all night long.  But everyone knows the sloppy drunk girl always gets put on camera so they were all aware of that.  Rosie hopes seeing her acting this way provides The Bachelor contestant with an opportunity to see what she looks like when she’s been drinking too much and she hopes it might lead to her recovery.  Nicolle thinks the contestants sign up for this and they get what they signed up for.  She said dating on television and drinking on television in bikinis is a toxic combination.  Naya asked if this was alcoholism or just one bad night.  Mario believes it’s more than one bad night because if she acted that way when the cameras were around, imagine what she does when the cameras aren’t around.  For Samantha, the drunkenness isn’t even the most shocking part about the situation.  For her, she cannot even believe there’s a show where one  guy is dating 30 other women and that’s seen as normal.

Friends and Lovers: Supposedly, Justin Bieber is having issues with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez dating a DJ who is a mutual friend of theirs.  Reportedly, he thinks she’s doing it to get back at him.  Rosie said for lesbians, this is standard protocol.  Mario agreed.  He joked that there’s only 3 lesbians in the world they all recycle each other.  But, he said for gay men, they don’t do that.  They will cut you for dating your ex. In fact, he finds it amazing how women can be friends with their exes after relationships.  Nicolle thinks Selena should go for it.  She is very anti-Bieber and said if the Biebs is against, she’s for it.  Naya saw Selena at the Golden Globe party with her new date and said she looked really happy.

Body and Mind:  New research found that women who are bisexual are more likely to suffer mental health problems than lesbians.  Mario said he’s never touched a breast in his life and yelled, “I’m a healthy homosexual!”  And then Rosie took his hand and put it on her breast!  Mario put out his hand and yelled, “I’m bleeding!”  After the chaos of that moment, he more calmly stated that he thinks bisexuality is a double problem because you’re attracted to two times the people and therefore may be jilted by two times the people.  Nicolle wondered if it’s now harder for bisexuals because the whole world over is now so accepting of same-sex marriage.  She wondered if it further complicates life because bisexuals don’t “fit in a box.”  Rosie said bisexuals have often felt marginalized by the gay community because some people feel as though bisexuality is a “cop-out” to not admitting you’re gay.  But Rosie believes all sexuality is on a spectrum from 100% gay to 100% straight and everyone else falls somewhere on that spectrum.  Mario agreed.  He too used to think bisexuality was a cop-out until he met truly bisexual people.  Rosie revealed to her kids recently that she once lived with a man for a year when she was 28-years-old.  Her kids asked her if she was bisexual.  She thinks she was trying to figure it out at the time and that sexuality is something you have to come to terms with and accept.


George Lopez shows off his serious side in the new movie Spare Parts.  It’s the true story of undocumented high school students competing against the best colleges in America and George plays a teacher who thinks they’re in over their heads.  He joked that he showers three times a day because he wants to smell white!  George explained the premise of the film.  In 2004, four very smart Latino kids entered a robotics competition and beat out students from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.  He said it’s an amazing story and when he found out the other actors who were going to be in the film, he had to do it.  George said, “Dreams have no color.”  Samantha got emotional when she saw the film because her mom substitute teaches at the school where the movie takes place and she went to a high school in the same district.  She saw their experience growing up.  George said the message of the film is that every kid should dream.  And, George spoke to the hosts about how for the last nine years, he’s returned to his elementary school and given a toy to every child.  He personally hands them out himself.  They’ve named the auditorium in his school after him too.  Spare Parts will be released in theaters this Friday!  Go see it!

ROSIE O'DONNELL, DONNIE OSMONDDonny Osmond:  Donny, who has been a friend of Rosie’s for decades, has just released his 60th record The Soundtrack of My LifeRosie told Donny what an amazing talent he is and that his voice is as good today as it was when he recorded his very first album. He spoke with Rosie about their mutual love of Broadway and he said he would love to go back someday.  He said he and Rosie should do a show together!  Rosie loved the idea!  He said as soon as he’s finished in Vegas, he’ll consider it.  Donny said he and Marie were supposed to be in Vegas for 6 weeks back in 2008 and they just signed a theater extension to make it an 8 year run!  He still lives in Utah and commutes back and forth.  He said Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and when they received the Best Show of Las Vegas award it was a very humbling experience.  He spoke with Rosie a little about his time on Dancing With the Stars too!  Donny and his wife of 37 years are expecting their 8th grandchild.  He said faith and admitting his wife is always right are the keys to a happy marriage.  This latest album, The Soundtrack of My Life,  is a compilation of all the songs that have made up the soundtrack of his life.  Donny sang “My Cherie Amour” for the studio audience.


The View Hosts Sing With Donny!

Mario stars on Hindsight on VH1 which airs tonight at 10pm.  Don’t miss it!

Take a little time to enjoy The View.

written by Kelly Weist
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