Ask SabiRo – February 9, 2015

3 Responses to 'Ask SabiRo – February 9, 2015'

  1. Linda Franco says:

    Sad you’re taking a break from AskRo….before any of my questions got answered…it feels like as if I just cut from the basketball team feeling. 🙂 All good, as I am going on 52… Should be able to handle it:/

  2. Lucy Lennox says:

    I agree with Terri Simon, but, hope to see you, Rosie, on your own show. A show that is not dumbed down in any way. I will be watching for it.

  3. Terri Simon says:

    I absolutely NEVER reach out to celebs, but I find you compelling, and honest and sooo real. It terrifies people, So much respects and admiration! Stay healthy, live your truth! Maybe someday there will be a forum to entertain, and speak truths without so much judgement and criticiism.