art 4 sale

this crazy summer
has taken me into uncharted territory
into mornings that begin at 7
long walks and vegetables

grateful for each moment
colors seems brighter
each breath a triumph
extreme gratitude

i have been painting a lot
since my heart attack
2 weeks ago
those paintings r for sale

starting today we will try e bay auctions
see how it goes
all money made will be matched by me
and donated to DTRF.ORG

my wife michelle
was diagnosed with desmoid tumors in june
a mysterious rare – too often fatal disease
that affects 3 in a million people

we were to wed 10 days ago
but her illness forced us to postpone the wedding
luckily –
as i was in ICU that day

when it rains …
things grow
like love and flowers
humans too

so on we go
we married in private
before her surgery
just the 2 of us

when we r both well enough
will have the wedding of r dreams
surrounded by those we cherish
thankful for the love and support
so many have given us
during these trying times

including all of u
connected thru invisible strands
of wi fi