April 16th

saw mike tysons one man show last night
very compelling
he spoke for 2 hours
about who he was – who he now is

sat with george lopez
who i haven’t seen in years
he looked happy and healthy
both of us now 50

how quickly it all goes
from tiny comedy clubs
to vegas show rooms

on the flight from vegas 2 LA
a beautiful brown 6 year old boy
with almond eyes
asking where the tv screen was

this is not a private plane
said the older man sitting in front of me
he was next to a woman who was quite ill
hung over i expect or still high

like an episode of intervention – live on delta
the woman – an adrienne curry look alike – was slumped in her seat
her hair perfectly blown out
huge diamonds on each finger

is she ok – asked a flight attendant
as she has to be helped to her seat
she looked pretty bad –
too ill to fly

i am now in my friends guest house
the sky bright blue
green trees sway in the cool breeze
i cant stop thinking about that family

what was the story
and y do i feel the need to know more
curious – concerned – crazy
who decides

tomorrow i go to cbs studios
where it all began for me
out here in hollywood
almost 30 years ago

feel that
peace out
peace in