April 10th

back 2 the old blog
in a new way
of maybe an old way
4 the new blog

been gone a while
2 chicago and back
in less than a year
imagine that

a wild and informing few months
discovering me
how to move forward
while trying to create again

the show ended up being
something closer to the original idea
near the end
an hour of talk – no pretense

in the 90s
in my 30s
ambition guided me
i knew which way 2 move

a tv show was easy then
when i had just one child – still in diapers
when there were 4 channels
when the internet was only AOL

now a 1/2 century old
the world has changed
as have i



i have a new job
taking care of me
to live strong and long
to not ignore my body

own it
accept it
see it
love it

to focus inward
not outward
2 create new neural pathways
around the old grooves

move it or lose it
an 80 year old beauty told me
as her tender hands
held my cheeks

start where u r
stay present
live ur truth
be real

and read
i must read
it fills my soul
other peoples lives

guts by johnston
jobs by isaacson
drift by maddow
imagine by lehrer

ingest art
it is the life raft that shows up
bringing me 2 shore
over and over again

human connections
one on one
face to face
show me urs – i will show u mine

on we grow peeps