when parker was dakotas age –
a tad over 2
i took him to the palisades mall to get a crew cut
nick was the barber

old world italy
with a beautiful accent
that matched his warm wonderful soul
for 17 years he cut my sons hair

he died this summer
his daughter told me via twitter
– modern day obits

parker hasn’t had a hair cut since
not knowing where to go
he let it grow

sunday i took my 4 teens
to the mall
we agreed
it was time for a trim

all eyes in the place watched us
as we walked in
a family

there in nicks station was a new guy
with an empty chair
as joni says
“get a good grip on your grief”

some nodded
holding back tears
broken heartbeats
all around

we were nicks
he was ours
parker shook the new barbers hand
man to man

a 3 year old boy
with a blonde crew cut
walked up to nicks replacement
and said excuse me

he handed the barber his tip
his dad watched proudly
near the cashier
– as i had so many times

i took a photo
because i had to
parker trapped under the plastic gown
protested in vain

it was irresistible
my adult man child
sitting in the red leather chair
– rockwell poster perfection

there r moments of pure grace
when all u need
inside ur world

of all esther hicks says
we do create r reality
the law of attraction

joni mitchell called me tonight
and we spoke