a baby born

i have a new baby
she smells delicious
cooing and blinking
welcome to the world

life has on occasion so much joy
babies anchor me
to souls here and gone
2 connection

which is how we cure lonely
humans need each other
plugged in and present

michelle is glowing
a first time mom
she has fallen in big love
pure grace in motion

life unfolds
revealing itself
over and again
ebb and flow

the only constant
i remind myself
when doubt sprouts

i am 50
woman grown
mother actor
public private


children arrive
parents depart
while u r on display
fame – muse as prey

i don’t know jodie foster
we have a few mutual friends
from what i have heard
she is kind smart and shy

i have admired her from afar
cheered her on as she soared the show biz skies
braver smarter prettier better – but still
i saw parts of myself in her

on we go – each of us
toward unknown tomorrows
thankful for the shared humanity
that moves us all forward

oh – p.s.

SHAMELESS is back on
everybody rejoice !!
frank is home
i have the tingles

18 Responses to 'a baby born'

  1. Cindy says:

    I love the baby, Love the poem. Congrats.

  2. JenniferT says:

    My dad passed away last week. When I came here and saw that you had a beautiful new baby girl, it was like a ray of sunshine directly to my heart.

    Congratulations to you and your family on this happiest of occasions!


  3. Linda Marsh says:

    Ro, so happy for you and your beautiful family. I’ve been a fan forever and wish you the best life has to offer! xo

  4. Angelica Doser says:

    You spoke to me by Replying the words “no way in hell” or something like that when I asked if you’d ever do a show like “Being Bobby Brown”. Now Whitney’s gone, unbelievable! I am thrilled your remarried and have a new baby! congrats shes beautiful! You have always said your life seems surreal, may that NEVER change

  5. Paula says:

    Rosie, Mitch and Family,

    You are all very blessed! Enjoy your new addition!


  6. kjs says:

    Congrats stranger friend….dakota is beautiful

  7. KellyW says:

    Baby baby baby! Congrats to the O’Donnell family from the Weist family. Spend every precious moment with her that you can. As you know, it goes so fast.

  8. liz1971 says:

    congratulations, ro and michelle! dakota is beautiful. enjoy this precious time! xo

  9. Freja says:


    I’ve dreamt of Jodie twice now.
    Once a few years back.
    I was on a ship and she taught me how to fly.
    Like Peter Pan.

    And then a second time.
    On the 4th of January this year.
    I was having a party.
    Unsure what for.
    She lived around the corner and stopped by.
    She seemed nervous. Sweating.
    Like she had something important to say.

    I guess she did.

    The speech made me sad.
    It sounded like she had practiced it. Many times.
    And it made her run through it like she just wanted it…

  10. Freja says:


    And then.
    She feels lonely?

    I feel lonely.

    I watched The Silence of the Lambs 40 times on VHS the summer I was 16.
    Even did my end-of-High-School written report on it.

    And then I realized I was gay.

    They say her sexuality was never a secret between people in “the industry”.
    Well, I’m not in the industry.
    But I knew.
    Because once.
    In a TV interview.
    She looked directly into the camera, and to look into her eyes was like looking into my own.

  11. Freja says:


    I saw things that I had kept secret for too long, and right then decided to take the long, frightening jump out of the closet.

    I made a speech. I practiced it many times.
    And I rushed through it to get it over with.

    I wish people wouldn’t say that it doesn’t matter of she is gay or not.

    It does to me.

  12. Amelia says:

    YELLOW is all I have to say. How wonderful for all of you that Dakota came to your family. JOY

  13. Wendy says:

    SHAMELESS! Can you believe we are watching “Van” from the Reba Show? Such a completely oposite character. He sure grew up!

  14. kris says:

    Love that you are so happy! So amazing that a brave birth Mom recognized that you and Michelle – and your beautiful kids- were meant to have Dakota to love. Sometimes good things happen in a big way!

  15. CINDY says:

    Love to you and your family. Shameless-lol

  16. Mary VanderMars says:

    So happy for you Ro. Funny I saw you named our baby Dakota and call her Dax. My first K9 baby was Dakota and my current K9 baby is Dax, also our daughters (vivi) look so much alike they could be twins. Anyway….good for you! BTW I <3 Shameless too. Peace

  17. Cora says:

    Congratulations on being a new parent again. I miss not being able to watch you on TV or listen to you on the radio but I’m glad you are well and happy.

    Love Shameless!

    • Sharon Jeans Crawford says:

      We miss you, but thankful you’re sharing your joy with us! So good to see you so happy! Love from The Blogtourage!