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Ask SabiRo – December 16th, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hot Topics:

The women of The View were joined by Keke Palmer, who is starring in Cinderella on Broadway, as their guest co-host of the day!  


Keke Palmer guest hosts on The View!

Australian Standoff: Whoopi started off today’s show letting the audience know the hostage situation in Australia has finally ended.  Nicolle said the terrorist threat in Australia is worse than we realize.  She said Islamic extremists now use the Internet as a recruitment tool and therefore these types of situations affect the entire world.  Rosie P loved how the people of Australia came together with the #IWillRideWithYou social media campaign.  All the ladies loved the idea too and offered to ride with people of the Muslim faith who are afraid to travel, in an expression of solidarity.

Hollywood Confidential:  The ladies discussed how the Sony hacking scandal just keeps growing with recent hacked emails of Sony executives now being released to the public.   Whoopi didn’t think the Sony executives were guilty of being racist but simply guilty of making jokes in bad taste.  She called it stupidity and said she doesn’t know anyone who hasn’t said something in an email as a joke.  She advised everyone to leave the jokes to the professionals.  Keke thinks we live in an age where everyone is now forced to be accountable for every little thing they say.  Nicolle believes people should simply not be ugly in private!  She said she comes from the world of politics where they believe everyone is hacking into their emails.  In the White House, when they would get mad at reporters, they would never rant about them in an email.  She said they would just walk down the hall and complain to each other.  She said if you’re acting in an embarrassing way in private, you should expect to get caught.  Rosie P thinks what the Sony heads said was “slightly racist” but she admitted that we all talk shit about everybody when we think we’re in private.   Rosie O thinks it’s funny that North Korea feels like hacking Sony is the way to get back at America.  Whoopi doesn’t think the leader of North Korea has much of a sense of humor so she wasn’t surprised they went after Sony.  They discussed whether or not they believe the executives may be fired for their emails and further about whether or not the tone of the emails was offensive.  Whoopi thought the execs were just having a real conversation about black people and what movies they like to watch but Rosie O said she would be very offended if they were saying such things about a gay person [that gay people only like to watch movies with gay themes].  Whoopi doesn’t think the execs were being racist but she said Rush Limbaugh has said some things that to her were truly racist.   Rosie O said no one with a brain takes Rush seriously but all the other ladies at the table agreed there were thousands of people who take Rush Limbaugh VERY seriously.

Beverly Johnson:  Beverly joined the ladies at the table to discuss her recent allegations against Bill Cosby.  She discussed the story she describes in a recent Vanity Fair article.  You can read the article hereRosie O asked Beverly how she found the courage to confront Cosby that night she knew he had drugged her.  She said she wasn’t sure if it was the drugs but she just kept calling him a “motherfucker” louder and louder until Cosby came to the realization that his plan to drug her and have her pass out, wasn’t going to work.  He eventually kicked her out of his brownstone and put her in a taxi.  The next thing she remembered was waking up the next morning.  Beverly said she decided to come forward with her story because of all the courageous women coming forward and telling their own stories which sounded eerily similar to hers.  She also sits on the Board of Barbara Sinatra’s Children’s Center for Abused Children where she has witnessed the stories of brave children who have come forward with their personal tales of abuse.  She said her conscience would not let her sit in silence any longer.  She was so fearful about other people’s opinions but she eventually realized she didn’t care what other people thought.  Beverly admitted she never told anyone about the incident and she said that is the norm when something like this happens to a woman.  She felt devastated and numb the next day when she realized what had happened.  She also remembered in 2006 reading about when Bill Cosby settled with some of his accusers thinking the authorities had finally gotten him for what he had been doing to women.  And then the story disappeared.  Keke wanted to know if Beverly ever saw Cosby again after the incident.  Beverly said about 10 days after the incident she decided to call Cosby and confront him but Camille answered the phone and she never got to speak to him.


Beverly Johnson & Rosie


Beverly Johnson & Rosie hug


asked Beverly why she didn’t worry about what he had drugged her with and go to the hospital when she got in the taxi. Beverly said she wasn’t thinking straight and at that point she was just struggling to stay conscious.  Beverly said her coming forward is not an attack against Cosby.  She called him a “lightning rod” for a conversation about violence against women.  She wasn’t raped (at least she doesn’t think she was) but she wanted to come forward to tell her truth.  Nicolle said Cosby was recently quoted as saying he only expects the “black media” to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and remain neutral.  And she asked Beverly what she would like to happen to Cosby now.  Beverly just wants women who have been raped by Cosby (and others) to be free to come forward and to not be afraid to speak out.  Rosie O told Beverly, “And by you doing so [speaking out], you have given every one of us a voice.  So, thank you.”


Maggie Gyllenhaal: Maggie just received Golden Globe and SAG award nominations for playing a business woman caught in the middle of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the mini-series The Honorable WomanMaggie said she’s never been more proud of anything she’s ever worked on.  Rosie O asked her if she was scared to take on the role and Maggie said she’s always scared to take on a role.  She’s never sure she can give justice to her performances.  Even before she walked out onto the stage at The View, she said she felt nervous.  But this project was a mini-series, 8 hours on film, and that felt very overwhelming.  So, she decided to just take it scene by scene, moment by moment and one day at a time.

Since The Honorable Woman deals with a very controversial theme [the Palestinian/Israeli conflict] Maggie said she read up on it as much as she could.  She said the topic itself is incredibly difficult to unravel but once she decided to work on the project she realized her character stands unapologetic in her truth.  She hopes that the series might encourage people to learn more about the conflict so they too can become more aware about what is going on in the world.


Maggie Gyllenhaal & Rosie

Maggie talked with the ladies a little about her performance in The Real Thing on Broadway.  She said she originally read the play when she was just 17-years-old and the script “blew her mind.”  She was beyond excited when she was asked to do it on Broadway.

The Honorable Woman premieres this Thursday (12/18) on Netflix!

Must Have Mondays: The View has partnered with fantastic vendors to give the audience up to 84% off the retail price for 48 hours only (while supplies last)!  To see the complete list of the Must Have Mondays visit their website.

Audience Giveaway: Everyone in the audience received a free one year subscription to Netflix and all of the items featured in the Must Have Monday segment!


Rosie & Keke Palmer

Take a little time to enjoy The View!  

written by Kelly Weist
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Ask SabiRo – December 15th, 2014

December 12, 2014

Hot Topics: 


Rosie crafting during Hot Topics!

The ladies of The View were so delighted to have the legendary View creator Barbara Walters join them at the table as co-host for the day!!   She remarked how proud she was of the women on the show and that it has lasted for all these years.  Barbara said she still watches the show every day!  As they were sitting at the table Rosie O was decorating a holiday ornament for Barbara Walters and she was going to teach Barbara how to make one herself during the craft segment later on during the show.

Barbara’s 10 Most Fascinating People: Barbara and the women discussed her list of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014.  She even brought along some sneak peeks for the audience!   Barbara thinks this is one of the best lists they’ve ever had.  The list includes people like Scarlett Johasnson, Neil Patrick Harris, David Koch (the 6th richest man in the world), Chelsea Handler, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Strahan, and Taylor Swift.  Barbara wouldn’t reveal who THE most fascinating person was but she said they would never be able to guess it either!  The 10 Most Fascinating People airs this Sunday at 9(8)c on ABC.

Word Association With Barbara:  The ladies played a game with BarbaraRosie O named some of the people Barbara has interviewed over the years and she was supposed to say the first word that popped in her mind.

The list went like this:
Fidel Castro: whom she called “charismatic.”
Anwar Sadat: She referred to him as one of the “greatest people” she’s ever met.
Richard Nixon: She called him “constipated.”  (LOL!!)  Not physically. She said he was just extremely difficult to interview.
Warren Beatty: She said he was “the worst interview ever!”   She said Warren is brilliant but the worst interview.
John Wayne: She didn’t exactly answer the question but she said when she was failing at the beginning of her career she received a telegram once from John Wayne that read, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” And she will never forget it.
Hillary Clinton: Barbara referred to her as “history-making, remarkable and terrific.”
Christopher Reeve: She called him “inspirational.”


The Women of The View with the one and only Barbara Walters


How Soon Is Too Soon: A woman wrote an online advice column wanting to know how soon is too soon to ask a recently widowed man out on a date  Barbara, unfortunately, has had this experience!!  She sighed and said a man she knew was married for more than 50 years and then his wife passed away.  About three months after his wife died, she and the man were leaving their building at the same time and she invited him to breakfast one morning.  He looked at her and simply said, “Too soon.”   Nicolle admired her courage!  And she thought breakfast was a great idea.  Rosie O agreed and called going out for breakfast very innocent!  But Whoopi wasn’t too sure.  She thought breakfast wasn’t as innocent as it sounded.  About three years ago, Whoopi knew a man whose wife died and she invited him out.  She was worried about him and wanted to get him out as a participant in life again because he was just sitting around and she was worried about him.  But she went out with him and she said she was bored out of her mind!


Barbara Walters and Rosie chatting backstage

How Low Can You Go:  For the first time ever, Amazon is adding a feature that will allow online shoppers to haggle over the price of the products being sold.  Barbara admitted to haggling but said she ends up feeling so guilty about getting a lower price for the product she ends up paying more for the item anyway.  Out of pure guilt!  Rosie P brings her family with her when it’s time to bargain shop because she’s terrible at it.  But she said her sister Carmen is “fierce” at haggling.  Nicolle told a story about going on her honeymoon to Turkey and her husband  haggling with the vendors over rugs.  She said it mortified her and she just wanted him to pay what they were asking.  Rosie O hates getting a car because she hates to haggle. And, as a side note, she said every car she’s ever liked is on the Ugliest Car List.   When she was young she had an AMC Pacer and a Gremlin, which she thought were the greatest cars.  Now she’s getting a new Ford Flex and she’s very excited!  However, she makes her brother Timmy haggle over the car price for her because she feels too guilty doing it herself.

Does An Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex: A new study of over 4,000 couples found that when men do more housework they actually get less sex from their partners.  So apparently, helping out with the chores seems to be a turnoff.  But Rosie P said, “When her husband does housework he gets some!”  Nicolle agreed.  She likes it when her husband makes an effort to do things around the house.  Whoopi feels like the men live in the house too so why wouldn’t they help do the housework?!  She did admit that she’s NOT married and that may be one of the reasons why.

Tales of a Hypochondriac:  Nicolle gets a mammogram every fall and this September she missed her annual appointment because of her new job on The View.  She said she laid in bed Monday night sure she was dying of breast cancer since she didn’t get her annual screening.  She was already planning whether or not she would like her husband to get remarried after she dies.  Barbara said Nicolle is not the only one.  She told a story about a man who went to his doctor and was told he only had 24 hours to live.  He went home and told his wife he only had 24 hours to live so she asked him what he would like to do with his final day on Earth.  He said he wanted to take a carriage ride through the park, go to the best restaurant in town, and then go home and make love until morning.  And she said, “That’s easy for you to say you don’t have to get up in the morning!”  Ha ha, everyone laughed and applauded.

Getting Crafty With Rosie:  Rosie O and Barbara got together to craft again!  They showed clips from the time they crafted together on The View in 2006.  This year, they designed homemade snow globes, a yarn bowl for holiday treats, and decorated ornaments for your Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush.   


Barbara Walters & Rosie craft together


Walmart’s Last Minute Gift Ideas: If you haven’t even put a dent in your Christmas shopping, no worries!  A Walmart lifestyle expert joined Nicolle to show the audience some great gift ideas for everybody on your shopping list.  The gift ideas including pajamas, the 2014 Holiday Barbie, character themed scooters and helmets, the Keurig K300, the Fitbit Flex, and the iPhone 5C.

Beyonce’s Platinum Deluxe Edition Box Set: Beyonce’s platinum deluxe edition box set, a two CD limited edition package with brand new songs, special guest stars, live concert videos and a ton of other special features, just hit the stores.  You have a chance to win a box set personally autographed by Beyonce herself plus a boatload of Beyonce swag.  Find out sweepstakes details by following The View on Twitter HERE.

Audience Gift: Members of the studio audience went home with a scooter and helmet, the holiday Barbie, the Fitbit Flex, the Keurig K300, the iPhone 5C and a Beyonce Platinum Deluxe Edition box set!

Take a little time to enjoy The View.

written by Kelly Weist
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December 11, 2014

Hot Topics:

The ladies were joined by Olivia Munn, from the hit HBO show The Newsroom, as their guest co-host for the day!  


Nicolle was super excited to be sitting with Olivia because she is a huge fan of The Newsroom.  In fact, the season finale of The Newsroom is this Sunday(12/14)!  Whoopi needed to clear the air over a couple things before they began their discussion.   She said, “I thought people were much smarter than the newspapers give folks credit for but apparently, no.”  During yesterday’s Hot Topics segment of the show, a sound effect went off while Ashanti was talking and Whoopi pretended to pass gas for comedic effect in order to cover up the interruption.  Apparently, people thought she really farted!  She wanted to make it clear she did not.

CIA Report Reaction:  Former Vice President, Dick Cheney, just weighed in on the Senate Committee report on CIA interrogation techniques used after 9/11 and his assessment was that we did exactly what needed to do.  He also says the report is “full of crap” and that Bush was briefed on the program during the years it was occurring.  Not only was he briefed, he approved it, claims Cheney.  Rosie P still wants to hear the truth but is fearful we will never find it out.  One of Rosie P’s dear friends told her yesterday that he agrees with torture and she was a little shocked.  He believes in doing whatever is necessary to get the bad guys.  She respects her friend’s difference of opinion and she realized she needed to also respect Nicolle’s difference of opinion.  Nicolle thanked her for saying that.  Rosie O believes we will soon know something close to the truth because of the 2,000 photos about to be released connected to the report.  She said we have seen photos of torture in the past.  We have seen Rory Kennedy’s Ghost of Abu Ghraib documentary, we’ve seen the photos from Abu Ghraib, and we’ve seen the film Zero Dark Thirty (which depicts torture techniques used by the CIA).  She said,  “The one man who actually blew the whistle on the torture techniques is in prison but none of the men who orchestrated the torture or who implemented it are in prison.”  Rosie O explained that John Kiriakou, a father of 5, is in prison for 30 months because he refused to participate in waterboarding.  He believed it was un-American and against the Constitution.  Olivia wanted to know now that the report has been released, if he gets to now be released from jail.  Rosie O hopes so and she hopes the American people will take a stand for him, perhaps over the Internet.


Olivia Munn & Rosie chatting

Rosie P and Rosie O said two men were paid over 80 million dollars to create the kinds of torture used against suspected terrorists (like putting a feeding tube up a person’s rectum with pureed food in it and call it “nutritional feeding”).  Even though it is physically impossible to rectally feed a human being.  Nicolle said the problem with all of this is that it’s really emotional.  She was working in the White House on 9/11 and was evacuated that day.  She remembered the guard recommending she take off her shoes so she could run faster from the building.  She called her father as she was running up Connecticut Avenue and said, “I think the fourth plane is coming for us.  I love you.”  Nicolle got teary-eyed as she was telling this story and her voice was shaking.  And in the months following 9/11, Nicolle said the debate in the country wasn’t whether or not we’d get hit, it was which city was next.  She was very afraid.  Rosie O said all of us were afraid.  Nicolle said she’s never had more people call her to thank her for defending the men and women of the CIA who were simply doing their jobs.  Rosie O said she’s had many people call her and thank her too for standing up for the other side.  Rosie O said, “I’m sorry that you feel the ends justifies the means but I don’t think Machiavellian techniques are really the foundation of Democracy in America.”  Whoopi has a lot of questions including whether or not we went to war with the right country following 9/11.  She agrees with Rosie P that we may never know the truth, even with photographic evidence.  She knows people can Photoshop anything.  Rosie O thinks we already know the truth and it’s hard for America to face the facts of what we have done.  Whoopi doesn’t think that’s true.  She thinks Americans know we have done some bad stuff and this is one of those “not-so-great things” we’ve done.  Olivia wanted to know if it saved lives and thinks there has to be something that sets us apart from the enemy.  That being said, like in the movie Prisoners, she said if someone had her child she can’t say she wouldn’t do everything possible to get the information from the person she suspected.  Nicolle said, “And on 9/11, they got 3,000 people’s children.”

RosieOdonnellDianeVonFurstenbergDVF: Whoopi was wearing shoes by Diane Von Furstenberg, who is going to be a guest later on the show.  Rosie O was wearing a DVF scarf and Nicolle was wearing a DVF dress!  Rosie O said Diane told her backstage she had style!

Golden Globe Nominations: The ladies discussed the Golden Globe nominations that were announced recently.  Birdman led the nominations with seven and the TV series Fargo led the television group with five nominations.  Rosie O was so happy that the Amazon original series Transparent was nominated.  And she was very happy for Louis CK and Lena Dunham who were also nominated.  Both Rosie O and Nicolle were happy when they found out The Theory of Everything was nominated too.  Olivia was so excited for her friend Julianne Moore who received two nominations.  And Nicolle was quite pleased her crush Liev Schreiber  was nominated for his work in Ray Donovan.

Got A Minute: There’s some good news in America’s battle with obesity!  Apparently you can improve your fitness and heath by exercising for only one minute a day!  Rosie O’s heart doctor actually told her it would be better to vigorously jump rope for 5 minutes than to walk slowly for an hour every day.  Olivia isn’t so sure about the veracity of the report.

Days Off for Period: A prominent doctor in Britain just proposed that women should get paid leave from work if they suffer from cramps and fatigue due to menstruation.  Rosie O never had one pain from her period growing up and she always thought all the girls in school were lying, being wusses or trying to get out of PE.  Then she went through menopause at 50 years old and she was literally flat on the bed or in the bath with excruciating cramps!  She finally believed everything she had been hearing all along about menstrual cramps.  Rosie P had debilitating cramps growing up where she literally could not stand and everyone would call her a drama queen.  Whoopi said she used to have terrible cramps too and they had to give her painkillers for the discomfort.  Her mother never believed her until her mother went through menopause.  One day her mother called and apologized to Whoopi for not believing her because of the true discomfort she was going through as she suffered from menopausal symptoms.

Just then the adorable Mario Cantone joined the ladies of The View with Teavana tea for everyone!  In fact, everyone in the studio audience received White Chocolate peppermint tea and a glass teapot from Teavana !   MarioCantoneTheView

Got Topics: The viewing audience got to vote on Instagram and Twitter for the topics they would most like the hosts to talk about on the show.  The audience voted for them to discuss the Internet acronyms every parent needs to know.  The only acronym the ladies discussed was M.O.S. which stands for “Mom  Over  Shoulder.”  But Rosie O’s kids always told her MOS stood for Movies On Sunday.  This conversation led to a discussion about being naughty and sneaking out of your house as a teen.  Whoopi said she lived on the 6th floor in an apartment building in the projects and no one ever snuck out of their house in the middle of the night.  But Olivia and Nicolle both were regular “sneaker-outters.”  Rosie O would never even consider sneaking out as a teen.  She was too concerned with the teachers liking her.  In fact she was Senior Class President, the Prom Queen and the Homecoming Queen!  Plus she said there was no one to really rebel against in her house.

Viral Video: They showed an adorable video of a little boy meeting twin baby girls for the first time and having a hard time processing the double vision.

Saving Mothers: Nicolle works for a wonderful charity called Saving Mothers which works to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in the developing world.  Nicolle donated 25 birth kits to women in the developing world on behalf of each of the hosts on The View.  This Saturday they will put together birth kits that will be sent to women in the developing world that will save lives with the most low-tech solutions.  Each kit contains a baby blanket, a bottle of Purell, an antibacterial swab, gauze sponges, a bar of soap, plastic gloves, a baby hat, a shower curtain liner and those little plastic clips they use to close off the umbilical cord.  Nicolle said she had an ovarian torsion from IVF treatments and the doctor she’s working with saved her ovaries and her life.  She feels indebted to this doctor and she repays her by helping create birth kits and spreading awareness.  Learn more about Saving Mothers and how you can help HERE.


thewomaniwantedtobeDiane Von Furstenberg: Diane joined the ladies of The View to discuss her memoir The Woman I Wanted to Be.  They discussed her creation of the wrap dress that changed her life!  Diane, who made the cover of Newsweek when she was just 29 years-old, explained when she moved to America from Europe she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do but she knew the kind of woman she wanted to be.  She knew she wanted to pay her own bills and write her own destiny.  She said she lived the American dream but it took her this long to realize what the wrap dress really means for women.  Diane believes the wrap dress symbolizes female power because it is the dress you get the guy in and his mother doesn’t mind.  It is both proper and seductive at the same time.  In her new show, House of DVF, Diane goes on a mission to find a new brand ambassador.  Diane said once she was empowered, it was important to her to empower other women.  She said, “The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself.”  The House of DVF premieres this Sunday night at 10/9(c) on E!

Audience Giveaway: Members of the studio audience went home with a copy of The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Von Furstenberg and White Chocolate peppermint tea and a glass teapot from Teavana.


Nicolle:  [to her father on the phone on 9/11 after the planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon] “I think the fourth plane is coming for us.  I love you.”
Rosie P:
“I still think torture is bad.  I still disagree with you respectfully, Nicolle.  But what I learned yesterday is if I can respect my friend’s difference of opinion I need to respect my coworker’s difference of opinion.”    
 “Style is in the soul.”  
Rosie O: “
The one man who actually blew the whistle on the torture techniques is in prison but none of the men who orchestrated the torture or who implemented it are in prison.”
Rosie O: “I’m sorry that you feel the ends justify the means but I don’t think Machiavellian techniques are really the foundation of Democracy in America.”
Olivia Munn: “That being said, like in the movie Prisoners, if someone had my child I have a hard time saying I wouldn’t do everything possible to get the information.”
Diane Von Furstenberg:  “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be.”
Diane Von Furstenberg: “The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself.”
Diane Von Furstenberg: “You must love yourself first.  Once you have that, any other relationship is a plus and not a must.”

*Barbara Walters returns to The View tomorrow!


A Olivia Munn/Rosie selfie!

Take a little time to enjoy The View.

Written by Kelly Weist
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